Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour Winners

People with Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour


Name Title
Abdoulaye Wade 3rd President of Senegal
Abel Douay French general
Abel-François Villemain French politician and writer
Achille Fontanelli italian general
Adolphe Charles Le Flô French general
Adolphe Messimy French general and politician
Adrien de Gasparin
Adrien Etienne Pierre De Gasparin
Agnès Varda French film director
Akito Arima Japanese politician
Alain Carpentier French surgeon
Alain Juppé French politician
Alain Mimoun Algerian-born French long-distance runner
Alain Oudot de Dainville French admiral
Albert Roussin
Albert Sorel French historian
Aldebert De Chambrun
Aleksandr Vasilevsky Soviet military commander
Aleksey Brusilov
Alexander Godley British Army general
Alexander Novikov Chief Marshal of Aviation for the Soviet Air Force during World War II
Alexander Vandegrift United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient and Commandant of the Marine Corps
Alexandre de Marenches French Intelligence Officer
Alexandre Louis Ducrest de Villeneuve French Navy admiral
Alexandre Louis Robert Girardin
Alexandre Pierre Chevalier Moline de Saint-Yon French general writer and politician
Alexandre Yersin Swiss physician
Alexandre-François De La Rochefoucauld
Alfred Boucher French artist
Alfred Grosser German academic
Alfred Le Roux
Alfred Philippe Roll French painter
Alfred Sauvy French historian
Ali Bongo Ondimba President of Gabon
Alphonse De Jessé
Alphonse-Marie-Marcellin-Thomas Bérenger French judge
Amadou Ali Politician
Amadou Karim Gaye Senegalese politician
Amadou Toumani Touré Malian soldier and politician
Ambroise-Marie Carré French Priest And Writer
Amédée Courbet French admiral
Amédée Despans-Cubières French general
Amédée-David De Pastoret
Anatole De Montesquiou-Fézensac
André Briche French General
André Chandernagor
André Citroën
André Corap French general
André Devigny French general
André Joseph Abrial French politician

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