Australian Sports Medal Winners

People with Australian Sports Medal


Name Title
Adam Pine Australian swimmer
Adrienne Smith Australian sports official
Alicia Aberley Australian Paralympic swimmer
Alisa Camplin Freestyle skier
Alison Peek Olympic field hockey player
Alison Quinn Australian Paralympic athlete
Allan Border Cricketer
Allan Hahn Australian sports scientist
Allan Langer Australian rugby league player
Allen Aylett Australian sportsman
Amy Winters Australian Paralympic athlete
Andrea Mitchell (politician) Australian politician
Andrew Baildon Australian swimmer
Andrew Forrest Australian mining businessman
Andrew Vlahov Australian basketball player
Angie Skirving Field hockey player
Anton Flavel Australian athlete with an intellectual disability
Arthur Tunstall Australian sport administrator
Ashley Adams Australian Paralympic shooter
Ashley Callus Australian swimmer
Ashley Cooper Race Car Driver
Barbara Worley Australian sports administrator
Belinda Clark Cricketer
Belinda Stowell Sailor
Ben Ikin Australian rugby league player
Benny Elias Australian rugby league player
Bill Kirby Swimmer
Bill Mather
Bill Mather-Brown Australian Paralympic competitor
Bill Roycroft Australian Olympic equestrian champion
Bill Stefaniak Australian politician
Billy Moore (rugby league) Australian rugby league player
Bob Fulton Australian rugby league player and coach
Bob Giltinan Tennis player
Bob Holland Australian cricketer
Bob Simpson Actor
Brad Cooper Australian swimmer
Brad Fittler Australian rugby league player and coach
Bradley McGee Racing cyclist
Brett Aitken Australian racing cyclist
Brett Allen Australian football umpire
Brett Kenny Australian rugby league player
Brett Reid Australian Paralympic swimmer with an intellectual disability
Brian Glencross Field hockey player
Bridgette Gusterson Water polo player
Brodie Atkinson Australian rules footballer
Bronwyn Mayer Water polo player
Bruce Wallrodt Australian Paralympic athlete
Carrie Graf Australian basketball player and coach
Catherine Barclay Australian tennis player

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