Christmas with My Friends VII new born


Sharon Dyall When album released, she was 57, now 57 years old
Nils Landgren When album released, he was 64, now 64 years old
# Song Play
1 This Christmas by Nils LandgrenJessica PilnäsJeanette KohnSharon DyallJohan NorbergIda Sand Duration: 01:48
2 Comin' Home for Christmas by Nils LandgrenIda SandJeanette KohnJessica PilnäsSharon DyallEva KruseJohan NorbergJonas Knutsson Duration: 04:27
3 Ave Maria by Nils LandgrenJohan NorbergEva KruseJeanette KohnIda SandJessica Pilnäs Duration: 04:12
4 This Endris Night by Nils LandgrenJonas KnutssonIda SandEva KruseJohan Norberg Duration: 02:49
5 The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree by Nils LandgrenJessica PilnäsJohan NorbergIda SandEva KruseJonas Knutsson Duration: 02:29
6 Gdy śliczna Panna - Listen to My Lullaby by Nils LandgrenJohan NorbergEva KruseSharon DyallIda Sand Duration: 03:35
7 Sizalelwe Indodana by Nils LandgrenJonas KnutssonIda SandSharon DyallJeanette KohnJessica PilnäsJohan Norberg Duration: 03:12
8 Sweet Was the Song by Nils LandgrenIda SandJeanette KohnJonas KnutssonEva KruseJohan Norberg Duration: 03:39
9 Hin fyrstu jól by Nils LandgrenJohan NorbergJonas KnutssonEva Kruse Duration: 02:58
10 Hodie Christus by Nils LandgrenJeanette KohnJonas Knutsson Duration: 03:48
11 Just Another Christmas Song by Nils LandgrenJohan NorbergIda SandJessica PilnäsSharon DyallJonas KnutssonEva KruseJeanette Kohn Duration: 03:21
12 Sylvian Joululaulu by Nils LandgrenIda SandJonas Knutsson Duration: 03:21
13 En förtvivlad vän by Nils LandgrenJessica PilnäsIda SandJohan NorbergEva Kruse Duration: 04:08
14 Feliz Navidad by Nils LandgrenJohan NorbergJessica PilnäsIda SandEva KruseJeanette Kohn Duration: 03:23
Christmas with My Friends VII
Christmas with My Friends VII (0 years)


  • Release day: Friday, October 30, 2020