Act to Change - Music to Inspire Series
Act to Change - Music to Inspire Series (4 years)


  • Release day: Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Act to Change - Music to Inspire Series 4 years old


Vienna Teng When album released, She was 38, now 43 years old
Chloe Flower When album released, She was 31, now 36 years old
Ruby Ibarra When album released, She was 28, now 33 years old
Salvador Santana When album released, He was 33, now 38 years old
Tara Priya When album released, She was 27, now 32 years old
Sammy Chand When album released, He was 41, now 46 years old
George Takei When album released, He was 79, now 84 years old
# Song Play
3 Gold and Silver by Dia Frampton Duration: 04:25
1 A Special Message from President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama by Barack Obama, Michelle Obama Duration: 01:02
2 The Star Spangled Banner by Chloe Flower Duration: 02:27
3 Act to Change by Sammy Chand, Gyamazawa, Hoodini, Salvador Santana, Ruby Ibarra, Connie Lim Duration: 05:31
4 All in My Head by Nadia Ali, PANG! Duration: 04:44
5 A Special Message from the Surgeon General Vivek Murthy by Vivek Murthy Duration: 01:24
6 Friday by Goldspot Duration: 04:48
8 From the Heart by The Slants Duration: 03:30
9 A Special Message from Basketball Star Jeremy Lin by Jeremy Lin Duration: 01:33
10 Fight by Andy Suzuki & The Method Duration: 03:50
11 Love Unconditional by Natalie & The Sunset Run Duration: 04:11
8 Anthony by Run River North Duration: 03:14
13 Hate (Bow Spoken Word) by Ruby Ibarra Duration: 03:15
14 A Special Message from George Takei by George Takei Duration: 01:52
15 Level Up by Vienna Teng Duration: 03:53
16 Renegade by Shilpa Narayan Duration: 03:48
17 Stand Up by Chops, Mobiles VanChocStraw Duration: 03:07
18 Putting in Work by Tara Priya Duration: 03:13
19 Resolution by Ann One Duration: 02:53
20 A Special Message from Maulik Pancholy by Maulik Pancholy Duration: 01:27
21 Bounce by Raaginder, Fateh Duration: 02:19
22 I Decide by Scarlet Wolves, Connie Lim Duration: 03:15
23 I Belong to You by Ranjini Duration: 04:05
24 There Is No Enemy by Rasika Mathur Duration: 03:06
25 All or Nothing by Paperdoll Duration: 03:03