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Naomi Watanabe, Japanese actor, 32 years old.

Naomi Watanabe
Naomi Watanabe is a Japanese actor. She was born on October 23, 1987 (32 years old) in Banqiao District as Naomi Watanabe. Naomi Watanabe is a Japanese actress and comedian. She rose to fame in 2008 for her imitation of Beyoncé Knowles and was given the title the Japanese Beyoncé.

When is Naomi Watanabe's next birthday?

Naomi Watanabe was born on the , which was a Friday. She will be turning 33 in only 273 days from today (24 January, 2020).

Naomi Watanabe is 32 years old.

Naomi Watanabe zodiac sign is scorpio.

Movies (3)

Year Title
2012 Tug of War! (綱引いちゃった!) as Mika Fujishiro . She was 25 years old
2013 R100 as Saliva Queen . She was 25 years old
2018 Sunny: Our Hearts Beat Together (SUNNY 強い気持ち・強い愛) as Ume (present day) . She was 30 years old

TV Shows (4)

Year Title
2015 Itsutsu Boshi Tourist as Kyoka Takase. she was 27 years old
2014 慰謝料弁護士 as Unemoto Kurumi. she was 26 years old
2014 愛情來的時候 she was 26 years old
- カンナさーん! as Suzuki Kanna.

Place of Birth, Real Name, Education, etc.

Birth name Naomi Watanabe
Twitter username @watanabe_naomi. Naomi Watanabe official Twitter page , number of subscribers: 1806923
Sex or gender Female
Given name Naomi
Occupation Owarai Tarento
Place of birth Banqiao District
Name in native language 渡辺直美
Residence Ishioka
Name in kana わたなべ なおみ
Country of citizenship Japan
Family name Watanabe. Show people with the surname Watanabe
Educated at Yoshimoto New Star Creation
Instagram username @watanabenaomi703. Naomi Watanabe official Instagram page
Blood type A
Ethnic group Taiwan Japanese

Naomi Watanabe (32 years)
Naomi Watanabe

Japanese actress and comedian

  • Birth place: Ishioka Ibaraki
  • Birth Sign: Scorpio
First Feature Film (2012)
Tug of War!
Tug of War!

She was 25 years old

Friday, October 23, 1987

Days left until next birthday: 273 days (as of January 24)

Profession: Comedian

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Birth sign: Scorpio

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Born on October 23

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32 Year Old

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