Jakob von Uexküll biologist

Jakob von Uexküll, German biologist, 79 years old.

Jakob von Uexküll
Jakob von Uexküll was a German biologist. Jakob von Uexküll was born on September 08, 1864 (died on July 25, 1944, Jakob von Uexküll was 155 years old) . Jakob Johann von Uexküll was a Baltic German biologist who worked in the fields of muscular physiology animal behaviour studies and the cybernetics of life. However his most notable contribution is the notion of umwelt used by semiotician Thomas Sebeok and philosopher Martin Heidegger. His works established biosemiotics as a field of research.

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Jakob von Uexküll was born on the , which was a Thursday

When Jakob von Uexküll died, Jakob von Uexküll was 79 years old.

Jakob von Uexküll zodiac sign was virgo.
No, Jakob von Uexküll died on 07/25/1944.

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Place of death Capri

Jakob von Uexküll (79 years)
Jakob von Uexküll

  • Birth place: Governorate of Estonia, Mihkli
  • Birth Sign: Virgo
Thursday, September 08, 1864

Days left until next birthday: 240 days (as of January 12)

Profession: Biologist

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Birth sign: Virgo

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