Áron Szilágyi fencer

Áron Szilágyi, Hungarian fencer, 30 years old.

Áron Szilágyi
Áron Szilágyi is a Hungarian fencer. He was born on January 14, 1990 (30 years old) in Budapest. Áron Szilágyi is a Hungarian sabre fencer.

When is Áron Szilágyi's next birthday?

Áron Szilágyi was born on the , which was a Sunday. He will be turning 31 in only 361 days from today (19 January, 2020).

Áron Szilágyi is 30 years old.

Áron Szilágyi zodiac sign is capricorn.

Game & Races (3)

Year Title
- Fencing at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men's sabre
2008 2008 Summer Olympics
2012 2012 Summer Olympics

Sports Teams (1)

Team Match/Point Start End Age
Vasas SC

Place of Birth, Real Name, Education, etc.

Sex or gender Male
Place of birth Budapest
Sport Fencing
Student of András Decsi
Family name Szilágyi. Show people with the surname Szilágyi
Native language Hungarian
Languages spoken, written or signed Hungarian
Country of citizenship Hungary
Mass 80
Given name Áron
Height 180

Áron Szilágyi (30 years)
Áron Szilágyi

Hungarian fencer

  • Birth place: Hungary, Budapest
  • Birth Sign: Capricorn
Sunday, January 14, 1990

Days left until next birthday: 361 days (as of January 19)

Profession: Fencer

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Birth sign: Capricorn

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Born on January 14

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