Damien's Seed 24 years old

A detective is hired by a rich woman to find her runaway step-sister. Little does he know that the step-sister is actually being held by a cult of women who seek to propagate their male cult-leader of 30 years ago by capturing his son, and the detective's client is in on the deal.


Teresa Politi
Teresa Politi

Jessica Janzen (as Teresa Langley)

Leslie Zemeckis
Leslie Zemeckis

Jane Janzen

All Cast

Name Character
Kira Reed Lorsch She was 24, now 49 years old as Carol
Leslie Zemeckis She was 27, now 52 years old as Jane Janzen
Jacqueline Lovell She was 21, now 46 years old as Trix
Teresa Politi She was 30, now 55 years old as Jessica Janzen (as Teresa Langley)
Leslie Olivan She was 31, now 56 years old as Diane
James Wlcek He was 32, now 57 years old as Eric
Shauna O'Brien She was 25, now 50 years old as Connie


Name Department
Kelley Cauthen as Editor. Editing
Edward Holzman as Director. He was 43 (now 68) years old Directing
Edward Holzman as Screenplay. He was 43 (now 68) years old Writing
Alex Wilkinson as Original Music Composer. He was 11 (now 36) years old Sound
Damien's Seed poster
Damien's Seed (24 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, April 21, 1996
  • Runtime: 90 minutes