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Buddy Guy, 85 American blues guitarist and singer
Charlie Daniels, 84 American musician
Carl Icahn, 85 American businessman
Abílio Diniz, 84 Brazilian businessman
John Madden, 85 Player coach and commentator of American football
Robert Redford, 85 American actor director producer
Mama Lola, 85
Brian Blessed, 85 English actor comedian TV presenter mountaineer and writer
Jerry Richardson, 85 American football player
Jon Thompson, 80 British curator
Ricardo Ramírez, 85 Catholic bishop
Jim Brown, 85 American football player
B. J. Habibie, 83 Indonesian President
Bill Wyman, 84 British musician
Pope Francis, 84 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church
Alan Alda, 85 Actor and United States Army officer
Mark Mobius, 85 American businessman
Walter Márquez, 75 Olympic basketball player
Diane Rehm, 85 American public radio talk show host
Barbara Mikulski, 85 American politician
Dave Whelan, 84 English footballer
Kim Woo-jung, 82 Founder and chairman of the Daewoo Group
Tarun Gogoi, 85 Chief Minister of the state of Assam in India
James Dobson, 51 Evangelical Christian psychologist author and radio broadcaster.
Robin Klein, 85 Australian writer
Terry White, 85 Australian politician
Dick Richards, 85 American film director
Tom Zé, 85 Songwriter composer
Brian Bond, 85 British military historian
Anand (writer), 85 Indian writer
Tony Warren, 85 British screenwriter
Zeke Smith, 79 American football player
Silvio Berlusconi, 85 Italian politician entrepreneur and media proprietor
Michael A. Jackson, 85 British computer scientist
Ray Julian, 85 English cricketer
Satish Kumar, 85 Indian activist and editor
David Prentice, 85 British artist
Jim Edwards, 16 Canadian politician
Max Crook, 84 Musician composer
Pema Chödrön, 85 American philosopher
Ahmed Abdou, 85 Prime Minister of Comoros
Jerry Lee, 85 President of the Jerry Lee Foundation and President of Philadelphia Radio Station B-101 FM
Tommy Steele, 84 British artist
Dan Cohen, 85 American author businessperson and politician
Grace Napolitano, 84 American politician
C. K. Williams, 78 American poet
Charlie Gracie, 85 American musician
Alex Miller (writer), 84 Australian novelist