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Stan Lee, 95 American comic book writer and creator
Eugenio Martínez, 9 American activist
Esther Brand, 92 Athletics (sport) competitor
Mick Michael, 93 Australian politician
Ray Anthony, 99 American musician and actor
Pietro Reggio, 98 Olympic sailor
Jane Hart, 99 American Writer
Carlos Altamirano, 96 Chilean lawyer
Jean Mode, 99 American burlesque performer
Norman Lear, 99 American television writer and producer
Jack West, 88 Australian rules footballer
Bill Bainbridge, 43 English footballer
Carl Reiner, 99 American actor
Doris Day, 97 Singer actress animal rights activist
Louise Latham, 95 American actress
Raymond Rock, 93 Canadian politician
Don Kelly, 99 English footballer
Bill Wynne, 29 American writer
L. Tom Perry, 92 Religious Leader
Robert Steinberg, 92 Canadian mathematician
Qazi Abdul Waheed, 99
Luis Echeverría, 99 President of Mexico (1970–1976)
Vladimir Marchenko, 99 Ukrainian mathematician
Ghulam Azam, 91 Bangladeshi politician
Guy Hamilton, 93 British film director and screenwriter
Shunsuke Tsurumi, 93 Japanese historian
Patrick Yu, 96 Chinese lawyer
Alexandre Reza, 93 French jeweller
Liliane Bettencourt, 94 One of the wealthiest women in the world and principal shareholder of L'Oréal
Jadir Ambrósio, 91 Brazilian musician
Sheila Sim, 93 British actor
Mario Fernández, 99 Spanish footballer
Edith Roger, 99 Dance and choreographer
Lyndon LaRouche, 96 American political activist
Guy Lewis, 99 American basketball player and coach
Paul Laxalt, 96 American politician
Joe Wilder, 99 American musician
Steven Hill, 94 American actor
Christopher Lee, 93 English actor
John Safer, 96 American artist
Mary Fairfax, 49 Philanthropist
Lynn Franklin, 82
Joe Gilmore, 99 Barman and cocktail inventor
Pompeyo Márquez, 95 Venezuelan politician
Lila Cockrell, 97 American politician
George Blake, 98 British Spy, A Double Agent In The Service Of The Soviet Union
Jane Langton, 95 Novelist children's writer
José Ángel Espinoza, 93 Actor