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Charles W. Robinson, 94 American businessman
Arthur Wade, 69 Australian politician
George Good, 90 Irish dean
George Avakian, 98 American record producer
Mahmoud Hassan, 101 Olympic wrestler
Alexander Eliot, 95 American writer
Julián Acosta, 102 Minor league baseball player
Roy Quinn, 81 Australian rules footballer
Luis Olmo, 97 Puerto Rican baseball player
Norm Brown, 76 Australian rules footballer and coach
Jim Hope, 59 Footballer
David Kyle, 97 American writer
Nino Rivera, 77 Cuban musician
Brian Paterson, 75 British artist
Harry Hands, 29 South African politician
Licio Gelli, 96 Italian Financier, Liaison With Nazi Germany, P2 Grandmaster, Involved In Many Scandals
Eugene Lang, 98
Pierre Soulages, 101 French painter
Ralph Pearson, 102 American chemist
Sheila Mercier, 100 British actor
Victoria LePage, 102 Australian Writer
Phil Stern, 95 American photographer
Luis Miquilena, 102 Venezuelan politician
June Spencer, 102 British actor
Doug Peace, 81 Canadian racing cyclist
Alberto Jesus, 102 Footballer
Alan Young, 96 Actor
Joe McQueen, 100 American musician
Mario Bunge, 102 Argentine philosopher and physicist
Marge Champion, 102 American actor and dancer
Manuel Zorrilla, 102 Argentine artist
Frank Okey, 101 Tennis player
Syed Hussain, 102 Indian politician
Jean Dasque, 94 French film director
Susumu Ito, 102 American anatomist
Arjan Singh, 102 Marshal of the Indian Air Force
Eric Kent, 99 Member of the Victorian Legislative Council
Andrew Kay, 95 American businessman
Harry Chadwick, 68 Canadian politician
William S. Powell, 102 American historian and writer
Cleveland Clark, 102 Cuban baseball player
Rosa Judge, 98 Maltese musician
Jackie Robinson, 53 American baseball player
Johnny Carey, 76 YouTube Star
Nat King Cole, 45 Singer musician
Eva Perón, 33 Actress and First Lady of Argentina
Sir Edmund Hillary, 88 Mountain Climber
Jon Pertwee, 76 Character Actor