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Pocas, 108 Footballer
Reginald Jackson, 76 American bishop
Ron Masters, 108 Australian diver
Sam Gilbert, 74 Australian rules footballer
Dan Henry, 108 American cyclist
José Simões, 108 Footballer
Pierre Ducrocq, 65 Footballer
Graham Webster, 87 Footballer
Julie Gibson, 106 American actor
Jacinto Convit, 100 Venezuelan scientist
Johan Pretorius, 72 South African doctor
Derek Howes, 108 Welsh rugby league player
Stephen Train, 108 British canoeist
Kenny Kendrick, 108 Professional footballer
Felipe Gil, 43 Mexican musician
Alessandro Duè, 56 Italian footballer
Elmo Williams, 108 Film editor
Al Suomi, 100 American ice hockey player
Carlos Curiel, 108 Mexican diver
Rosa Parks, 92 African American civil rights activist seamstress
Richard Nixon, 81 American politician 37th President of the United States (1969–1974)
Jesse Owens, 66 track & field athlete
Gerald Ford, 93 38th President of the United States
Vivien Leigh, 53 Actress
Vince Lombardi, 57 American football player coach and executive
May Swenson, 76 American poet
Sam Black, 83 DJ
Muddy Waters, 70 Actor
Leroy Garrett, 67 Reality Star
Red Skelton, 84 comedian
Paul Bear Bryant, 69 Football Coach
Burt Lancaster, 80 American actor
Danny Kaye, 74 Actor
Smilin' Jack Smith, 92 American singer
Anna Lee, 91 Actress
Peter Cushing, 81 English actor
Ella Allan, 56 TV Actress
Bill Shankly, 68 Scottish footballer and manager
Wilson Rawls, 71 American writer
Jimmy Hoffa, 69 American labor leader
Arieh Simon, 89 YouTube Star
Grandpa Jones, 84 American musician
Woody Hayes, 74 American football player and coach
Mary Martin, 76 Actress
Loretta Young, 87 Actress
Albert Camus, 46 Algerian-French author and philosopher
Lloyd Bridges, 85 Actor
William Francis, 66 Punk Singer