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Jean Strauss, 77 Luxembourgian canoeist
Roger Petit, 86 Fencer
Jane Lee, 45 British actor
Mark Church, 108 Absolute BEAST
Víctor Borja, 87 Basketball player
Bob Harrington, 109 American musician
Peter Hope, 86 British composer
Charles William Parker, 84 Canadian politician
Héctor Socorro, 67 Cuban footballer
Roy Cole, 87 Sports shooter
Clark S. Smith, 102 American politician
Manuel Espinosa, 93 Argentine artist
Billy Hull, 109 Northern Irish Politician
Viola Smith, 108 American musician
Hans Metzger, 109
Stanley Kane, 109 English footballer
Guy Beck, 93 American academic
Leonard Cook, 109 Australian boxer
Daniel Aaron, 103 American writer and academic
Robert Studer, 1823 Handball player
Paco Cano, 103 Photojournalist
Jack Met, 81 Guitarist
Julia Child, 91 Chef author television personality
Eva Braun, 33 Longtime companion and briefly wife of Adolf Hitler
Gene Kelly, 83 dancer actor singer director producer and choreographer
Perry Como, 88 American male singer
Alan Turing, 41 Computer scientist mathematician and cryptographer
Kim Il-sung, 82 President of North Korea
Kim Il, 109 World Leader
Valentín Vega, 85 World Music Singer
Choi San, 81 Pop Singer
Mary Trump, 88 Family Member
Ed Sherman, 97 Football Coach
Jackson Pollock, 44 American abstract expressionist painter
Lady Bird Johnson, 94 US Presidential First Lady
Woody Guthrie, 55 Singer-songwriter
Pope John Paul I, 65 Catholic Pope
Chuck Jones, 89 Animator
Millvina Dean, 97 Last survivor of RMS Titanic to die
Robert Lewis Taylor, 86 American writer
Danny Thomas, 79 Actor comedian humanitarian
Connie Sawyer, 105 American actress
Gladys Presley, 46 Family Member
Minnie Pearl, 83 American comedian and country singer
Anthony Smith, 68 Football Player
Foster Brooks, 89 American actor and comedian
FT Prince, 90 Poet
Dale Evans, 88 American actor writer and singer