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Ralph Marston, 60 American football player
Richard Lamb, 66 Cyclist
Terry Brain, 108 Australian rules footballer
Jim Money, 81 Australian rules footballer
Paddy Dalton, 114 English rugby league player
Luis Bru, 113 Spanish boxer
Isabel Rosado, 107 Puerto Rican politician
Roy Furr, 68
Fernando Paes, 64 Portuguese equestrian
Tiny Francis, 113 South African rugby union player
Frida Kahlo, 47 Mexican artist
John Wayne, 72 American film actor
Katharine Hepburn, 96 Actress
Abdullah Bakr, 96 YouTube Star
Canada Lee, 45 American politician
Burgess Meredith, 89 American film and television actor
Astrid Lindgren, 94 Swedish children's writer
Rachel Carson, 56 American zoologist marine biologist writer and activist
Cesar Romero, 86 Film and television actor
Gene Autry, 91 American entertainer
Dixie Dean, 73 English footballer
Cab Calloway, 86 American singer and bandleader
Jack Albertson, 74 American character actor who also performed in vaudeville.
Orville Redenbacher, 88 American businessman
Pinky Lee, 85 American comedian
Bhagat Singh, 23 Indian Freedom Activist
Lloyd Roberts, 53 Guitarist
Barbara Stanwyck, 82 Actress
Kate Smith, 79 American singer
Yang Shangkun, 91 President of the People's Republic of China
Sir Laurence Olivier, 82 Movie Actor
Robert Young, 91 Actor
George W. Romney, 88 American politician
Fay Wray, 96 Actress
Zarah Leander, 74 Swedish actress and singer
Lee Miller, 70 Art photography and photojournalism
Hergé, 75 Belgian cartoonist best known for The Adventures of Tintin (1929–83)
Rosalind Russell, 69 Actress
Sheldon Leonard, 89 Actor
Jack Allen, 87 Actor
Run Run Shaw, 106 Hong Kong film producer
Angel Arias, 63 Instagram Star
Arlene Francis, 93 Actress
Oliver Hill, 100 Lawyer
Ray Milland, 79 Actor director
Jimmie Foxx, 59 American baseball player and coach
George W. Jenkins, 88 American businessman and philanthropist
Dora Maar, 89 French artist