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Umberto Romano, 77 footballer
Israel Cohen, 80 Footballer
Frank Sheppard, 90 Canadian ice hockey player
Raymundo Rodríguez, 94 Mexican footballer
Joe Work, 54 American football player
Jimmy Daly, 116 Irish footballer
Holmes Tuttle, 83 American businessman
George Purcell, 64 English footballer
Mário Carvalho, 116 Footballer
Johnny Gregory, 116 Australian rules footballer
Silva Marques, 116 Footballer
Antonio Nava, 77 Polo player
Jane Walsh, 116 British writer
Jim Adamson, 86 Australian footballer
Hope Stevens, 77 British Virgin Islands lawyer
Yvonne Conte, 116 Fencer
Leigh Miller, 92 Canadian sprinter
Fred Trump, 93 Real estate developer and businessman
Eva Hart, 91 Titanic survivor
Greta Garbo, 84 actress
Howard Hughes, 70 Aviator engineer and film producer
J. Howard Marshall, 90 American soccer player
Henry Fonda, 77 actor
Jose Tapia, 116 Stylist
Gertrude Ederle, 98 American swimmer Olympic gold medalist former world record-holder
Clara Bow, 60 Actress
Maria von Trapp, 82 Singer and main subject of the film The Sound of Music
Mildred Wirt Benson, 96 Children's Author
Pat Brown, 90 Governor of California
Sterling Holloway, 87 Actor
Myrna Loy, 88 American actress
Eleanor Audley, 86 American actress
Ayn Rand, 77 novelist philosopher playwright screenwriter
NM Perera, 74 Politician
Emily Hahn, 92 American writer
Joel McCrea, 84 American actor
Tex Ritter, 68 Actor
James J. Braddock, 69 American boxer
Indian Bob Johnson, 76 Baseball Player
Eddie Condon, 67 American musician
Andy Devine, 71 Actor
Molly Rankin, 75 Rock Singer
Olivia Campbell, 116 Model
Masazo Nonaka, 113 Supercentenarian
Sebastian Shaw, 89 Actor
Tommy Dorsey, 51 American big band leader and musician
Anna May Wong, 56 Actress
Jean-Paul Sartre, 74 French philosopher