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Bill Tucker, 87 American football player
Yahya Merchant, 118 Indian architect
Luis de Meyer, 118 Cyclist
Harry Lomas, 118 Footballer
Alexandru Ionescu, 83 Romanian bobsledder
Seán Ó Conghaile, 92 Irish Writer
Bo Otto, 80 American football player
Clive Henry, 98
Per Rom, 81 Norwegian sprinter
Harry Raw, 118 English footballer
Bing Crosby, 74 American singer actor
Lou Gehrig, 37 Professional baseball player
Kane Tanaka, 66 Supercentenarian
Bob Hope, 100 English entertainer
Curly Howard, 48 American actor and comedian
George Orwell, 46 British author and journalist promoter of democratic socialism and critic of totalitarianism
Gilli, 104 Rapper
Ella Baker, 83 American activst
Jeanette MacDonald, 61 Singer actress
Lawrence Welk, 89 American musician
Tunku Abdul Rahman, 87 Prime Minister of Malaysia
Ruth Graves Wakefield, 73 Entrepreneur
The Angel French, 50 Wrestler
Chris Mac, 70 Bassist
Yisrael Kristal, 113 Supercentenarian
Claudette Colbert, 92 Actress
Cool Papa Bell, 87 American baseball player
Vladimir Horowitz, 86 American musician
Jacob Wolf, 58 Journalist
Stewie Dempster, 70 New Zealand cricketer
Joe Kirk, 71 American actor
Eliot Ness, 54 American law enforcement official
Ward Bond, 57 Actor
Maja Nilsson, 83 Instagram Star
Mark Rothko, 66 American artist
Roy Acuff, 89 Singer fiddler promoter
Tiny Thompson, 77 Ice hockey goaltender: first goaltender to stop the puck by catching it
Phil Sullivan, 66 Model
Ruby Smith, 73 American classic female blues singer
Red Grange, 87 American football player
Una Merkel, 82 Actress
Dean Jagger, 87 Americana ctor
Elizabeth Wyn Wood, 62 Canadian sculptor
Edgar Bergen, 75 Comedian ventriloquist
Aram Khachaturian, 74 Soviet Armenian composer
Anaïs Nin, 73 American writer
James Beard, 81 American chef
Alan Napier, 85 Actor