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Jose Mas, 56
Dick Holden, 135 English footballer
James Garside, 136 English footballer
Robert Jolly, 136 Cyclist
Joe Prince, 85 Australian rules footballer
Will Lilley, 136 English footballer
Ramón Barrios, 136 Puerto Rican politician
Andy Pattison, 66 Australian rules footballer
Stewart Abbott, 136 Australian footballer
Alberto de Angelis, 80 Italian writer
Andrew A. Stone, 39 American college football coach college basketball coach
Mel Baker, 115 Welsh rugby union player
Keith Jack, 81 British actor
Lucy Moon, 84 YouTube Star
Emil Conrad, 81 YouTube Star
Hugo Boss, 63 Fashion Designer
George S. Patton, 60 United States Army general
Niels Bohr, 77 Danish physicist
Gabby Hayes, 83 Movie Actor
Alice Paul, 92 American suffragette
Agustín Barrios, 59 Paraguayan guitarist and composer
Julian Elia, 57 Dancer
Matthew Roberts, 130 Guitarist
Ezra Pound, 87 Poet critic
Sinclair Lewis, 65 Novelist short story writer playwright
Bess Truman, 97 First Lady
FS Flint, 74 Poet
Sonia Delaunay, 94 French painter
Sisavang Vong, 74 King of Laos
Theda Bara, 69 Actress
Clementine Churchill, 92 Political Wife
Chester W. Nimitz, 80 United States Navy fleet admiral
Robert Delaunay, 56 French painter
Sam M. Lewis, 74 Songwriter
Elizabeth Lee Hazen, 89 American microbiologist
Charlie Ross, 65 Journalist
John Curtin, 60 Australian politician
Wallace Beery, 64 Actor
Aquilino Ribeiro, 77 Portuguese writer and diplomat
Charles Clay, 92 Football Player
Muhammad Shahidullah, 84 Bangladeshi linguist
Julia Dent Grant, 17 Political Wife
Robert Emmett O'Connor, 77 Movie Actor
Erich von Stroheim, 71 Actor film director
Ring Lardner, 48 Sportswriter short story writer
Mae Murray, 79 Actress dancer film producer screenwriter
Harry O. Hoyt, 75 Screenwriter Film director
Jerome Kern, 60 American composer