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Chief Jones, 79 Canadian ice hockey player
M. O. Smith, 140 American football coach
Fernando Correia, 120 Portuguese fencer
Francisco Morán, 141 Negro League Baseball player
Charlie Tough, 47 Australian rules footballer
Ronald Orr, 43 Scottish footballer
Nathan Harris, 141 American baseball player
Jack Craggs, 141 English footballer
Pat Rooney, 82 American baseball player
Bill Duncan, 141 American soccer player
Billy Leeds, 75 Australian rules footballer and umpire
Thomas Coe, 120 Water polo player
Eliza Grant, 141 American midwife
Helen Keller, 87 American author and activist
Emil Beer, 38 YouTube Star
Alfred Wegener, 49 German meteorologist geologist and astronomer
Douglas MacArthur, 84 American Field Marshal/General of the Army
Sarah Knauss American supercentenarian
Jeannette Rankin, 92 American congresswoman for Montana
W.C. Fields, 66 Actor
Austin Hobart Clark, 73 American entomologist
Joseph Trump, 39 Family Member
Antisa Khvichava, 132 Longevity claimant
George Marshall, 78 Politician and United States Army general
Addie Joss, 31 Major League Baseball pitcher
Ashley Campbell, 62 Country Singer
Damon Runyon, 66 Writer
Nora Bayes, 47 Singer actress comedienne
William Joseph Simmons, 65 Ku Klux Klan founder
Clara Blandick, 81 Actress
Gideon Sundback, 74 Swedish-American inventor
Tom Mix, 60 American actor
Franz Marc, 36 Painter
Marie-Louise Meilleur, 117 French Canadian supercentenarian
Christabel Pankhurst, 77 suffragette co-founder of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU)
Eric Campbell, 37 Actor
Harry Marcus, 95 TV Actor
Christy Mathewson, 45 American Major League Baseball player manager
Sam Crawford, 88 American baseball player and coach
BC Forbes, 73 Journalist
Tudor Arghezi, 87 Romanian writer
Tod Browning, 82 Director
Shigechiyo Izumi, 106 Supercentenarian
Frances Perkins, 85 American politician
Duncan Hines, 78 writer food critic
André Derain, 74 French painter
Broncho Billy Anderson, 90 Film director actor
Mack Sennett, 80 producer actor director screenwriter presenter composer cinematographer