Southampton F.C. ( / Southampton Football Club) 136 years old


There are 734 players playing in Southampton F.C..

Name Title
Abe Hartley 37 years old Scottish footballer
Adam Hammill 31 years old Professional footballer
Adam Lallana 31 years old Footballer
Adrian Caceres 37 years old Australian soccer player
Agustín Delgado 44 years old Ecuadorian footballer and politician
Alaeddine Yahia 38 years old Tunisian footballer
Alan Ball, Jr. 61 years old footballer and manager
Alan Blayney 38 years old Northern Irish footballer
Alan Curtis (British actor) 89 years old British actor
Alan Knill 55 years old Footballer and manager
Alan McLoughlin 52 years old Irish footballer
Alan Neilson 47 years old Welsh footballer
Alan Shearer 49 years old Footballer
Albert Barrett 86 years old English footballer
Alberto Seidi 26 years old Portuguese footballer
Albie Roles 91 years old Footballer
Alex Glen 140 years old Scottish footballer
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 26 years old Footballer
Alex Pearce 31 years old Footballer
Alex Simpson 83 years old Scottish footballer
Alexander Östlund 41 years old Swedish footballers
Alf Bishop (footballer born 1886) 52 years old Professional footballer
Alf Charles 67 years old Trinidad and Tobago footballer
Alf Day 89 years old Welsh footballer
Alf Freeman (footballer born 1920) 99 years old English footballer
Alf Jewett 80 years old Footballer
Alf Littlehales 75 years old English footballer
Alf Milward 70 years old English footballer
Alf Ramsey 79 years old Footballer manager
Alf Ward 43 years old English footballer
Alfred Fry 66 years old English footballer
Ali Dia 54 years old Senegalese footballer
Allen Tankard 50 years old English footballer
Ally McLeod 68 years old Scottish footballer
Andreas Jakobsson 47 years old Swedish footballer
Andrei Kanchelskis 50 years old Footballer
Andrejs Perepļotkins 34 years old footballer
Andrew Davidson (author) 50 years old Canadian writer
Andrew Gibson 40 years old Canadian curler
Andrew Surman 33 years old Footballer
Andy Rogers 33 years old Canadian ice hockey player
Andy Rowland 51 years old English footballer and manager
Andy Townsend 56 years old Irish footballer
Anthony Pulis 35 years old Footballer
Antti Niemi 47 years old Hockey Player
Archie Bown 76 years old English footballer
Archie Small 130 years old English footballer
Archie Turner 48 years old English footballer
Archie Waterston 79 years old Scottish footballer
Arron Davies 35 years old Footballer
Southampton F.C. (136 years)

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