Sint-Truidense V.V. ( / Koninklijke Sint-Truidense Voetbalvereniging) 98 years old


There are 164 players playing in Sint-Truidense V.V..

Name Title
Abdoulaye Diawara 38 years old Ivorian footballer
Adamo Coulibaly 38 years old French footballer
Alessandro Iandoli 35 years old Italian footballer
Alexandre Afonso da Silva 36 years old Brazilian footballer and manager
Andréa Mbuyi-Mutombo 29 years old footballer
Anıl Koç 24 years old Footballer
Asanda Sishuba 39 years old Association footballer
Ashley Hartog 37 years old Association footballer
Bart Deelkens 41 years old footballer
Benito Raman 25 years old Belgian footballer
Benjamin De Ceulaer 35 years old Footballer
Boban Babunski 51 years old Macedonian football player/manager
Bram Castro 37 years old footballer
Brendon Šantalab 37 years old An Australian professional football (soccer) player
Bruno Andrade Director
Carlo Evertz 29 years old footballer
Cédric Buekers 25 years old Footballer
Cephas Chimedza 35 years old Zimbabwean footballer
Chidi Nwanu 52 years old Footballer
Chris O'Loughlin (fencer) 52 years old Fencer
Christian Brüls 30 years old footballer
Christophe Bertjens 26 years old footballer
Claude Kalisa 42 years old Rwandan footballer
Cyril Ramond 39 years old Footballer
Daan Vaesen 38 years old footballer
Dalibor Mitrović 42 years old Serbian footballer
Daniel Schmidt 77 years old American musician
Danny Boffin 54 years old Belgian footballer
Dávid Barczi 30 years old footballer
David Habarugira 31 years old Burundian footballer
Davino Verhulst 31 years old footballer
Davy Oyen 44 years old footballer
Davy Schollen 41 years old Footballer
Denis Odoi 31 years old footballer
Désiré Mbonabucya 42 years old Rwandan footballer
Dieudonné Kalulika 38 years old Democratic Republic of the Congo footballer
Dimitri Daeseleire 29 years old footballer
Dolly Menga 26 years old Footballer
Donny de Groot 40 years old Dutch footballer
Dorian Dessoleil 27 years old Belgian footballer
Dušan Belić 48 years old Serbian footballer
Emmanuel Tetteh 44 years old Ghanaian footballer
Francesco Carratta 32 years old Belgian footballer
Frank Boeckx 33 years old footballer
Gaëtan Englebert 43 years old Belgian footballer
Giel Deferm 31 years old footballer
Giuseppe Rossini 33 years old Footballer
Grégory Christ 37 years old French footballer
Grégory Dufer 37 years old footballer
Gunter Verjans 46 years old footballer
Sint-Truidense V.V. (98 years)

  • Inception: Saturday, February 23, 1924