Rhyl F.C. ( / ) 139 years old


There are 93 players playing in Rhyl F.C..

Name Title
Albert Bloxham 90 years old Professional footballer
Albert Dunlop 57 years old English association football goalkeeper
Albert Pape 58 years old English footballer
Alec Gaskell 81 years old English footballer
Aled Williams 72 years old Footballer
Alf Bellis 92 years old Footballer
Alf Oakes 66 years old Professional footballer
Andy Ainscow 51 years old English footballer
Andy Holden 57 years old Welsh footballer
Andy Mulliner 48 years old Footballer goalkeeper
Arthur Loach 94 years old English footballer
Bob Lister 94 years old Scottish footballer
Bobby Jeffrey 77 years old
Brad Maylett 38 years old English footballer
Brian Bithell 63 years old Footballer
Brian Lloyd 71 years old Footballer goalkeeper
Chris Curran (Australian footballer) 45 years old Australian rules footballer
Chris Howarth 33 years old Association football player
Conall Murtagh 34 years old Northern Irish footballer
Danny Ferguson (Scottish footballer) 37 years old Scottish footballer
Danny Gosset 25 years old Footballer
David Mannix 34 years old Footballer
Dean Keates 41 years old Footballer
Dick Forshaw 67 years old English footballer
Frank Barson 77 years old English footballer
Frank Hoddinott 85 years old British boxer
Geordie Henderson 56 years old Scottish footballer
George Ashfield 50 years old English footballer
George McGowan 61 years old Player of American and Canadian football
George Scales 75 years old American baseball player and manager
George Whyte (footballer) 83 years old Professional footballer
Gordon Seaton 74 years old Footballer
Greg Strong 44 years old English footballer and manager
Grenville Millington 68 years old Welsh footballer
Harry Hubbick 81 years old Footballer
Harry Kirtley 77 years old English footballer
Horace Viner 75 years old Welsh footballer
Jack Flanagan 131 years old Australian politician
Jason Oswell 27 years old English professional footballer
Joe Wiggins 73 years old Association footballer
John Devine (Australian rules footballer) 79 years old Australian politician
John Durnin 54 years old Footballer
John Leah 41 years old Welsh footballer
John Love Jones 28 years old Welsh footballer
Karl Robinson 39 years old English footballer and manager
Keith Griffiths 72 years old Film producer
Keith Webber 40 years old Welsh footballer
Kenny McDevitt 90 years old Footballer
Kevin Langley 55 years old Professional footballer
Lee Kendall 38 years old football player coach
Rhyl F.C. (139 years)

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