Leicester City F.C. ( / Leicester City Football Club) 138 years old


There are 643 players playing in Leicester City F.C..

Name Title
Adam Dawson (distiller) 80 years old British politician
Adam Smith (footballer born 1991) 28 years old Footballer
Adda Djeziri 31 years old Algerian footballer
Ade Akinbiyi 45 years old Football Striker
Adi Yussuf 27 years old Footballer
Adrien Silva 30 years old Portuguese footballer
Ahmed Deen 34 years old Footballer
Ahmed Musa 27 years old Soccer Player
Alan Birchenall 74 years old English footballer
Alan Fettis 48 years old Professional footballer
Alan Maybury 41 years old Irish footballer
Alan Paris 55 years old English footballer
Alan Sheehan 33 years old Footballer
Alan Waddle 65 years old English footballer
Alan Woollett 72 years old English footballer
Albert Cheesebrough 84 years old English footballer
Albert Dunkley 72 years old Footballer
Albert Pynegar 82 years old English association footballer
Aleksandar Dragović 28 years old Association footballer
Aleksandar Tunchev 38 years old Bulgarian footballer
Alex Cisak 30 years old Footballer
Alexander Wood (soccer) 80 years old Scottish American former soccer defender
Alexandre Morfaw 32 years old Cameroonian footballer
Alick Grant 91 years old English footballer
Alie Sesay 26 years old
Alistair Brown 68 years old Soccer Player
Allan Clarke Rock Singer
Allan Evans (record producer) 63 years old American record producer and musicologist
Ally Mauchlen 59 years old Scottish footballer and manager
Andrej Kramarić 28 years old footballer
Andy Impey 48 years old English footballer
Andy King 33 years old Actor
Andy Lochhead 78 years old Scottish footballer
Andy Peake 58 years old English footballer
Andy Welsh 36 years old footballer
Anthony Knockaert 27 years old Footballer
Archie Brash 146 years old Scottish footballer
Archie Waterston 79 years old Scottish footballer
Arnar Gunnlaugsson 46 years old Icelandic footballer
Arthur Chandler (bishop) 79 years old Anglican Bishop
Arthur Henrys 149 years old English footballer
Arthur Leonard 47 years old Professional footballer
Arthur Lochhead 69 years old Scottish footballer
Arthur Marshall (American football) 50 years old NFL player
Arthur Rowley 76 years old English footballer and manager
Arthur Woolliscroft 72 years old English professional footballer
Arthur Worrall 150 years old Footballer
Ashley Chambers 29 years old Footballer
Ashley Ward 49 years old English footballer
Astrit Ajdarević 29 years old Swedish footballer
Leicester City F.C.
Leicester City F.C. (138 years)

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