FC Sion ( / ) new born


There are 244 players playing in FC Sion.

Name Title
Claude Andrey 68 years old footballer
Cristian Ianu 36 years old footballer
Damien Germanier 31 years old footballer
Daniel Puce 49 years old Italian footballers
Danilo Cirino de Oliveira 33 years old Brazilian footballer
Dario Vidošić 32 years old Footballer
Darko Pančev 54 years old Footballer
Demetris Christofi 31 years old Cypriot footballer
Dennis Lota 40 years old Zambian footballer
Didier Crettenand 33 years old footballer
Didier Tholot 55 years old Footballer
Dominique Herr 54 years old footballer
Dragan Mrđa 35 years old Serbian footballer
Duško Đurišić 41 years old Montenegrin footballer
Ebenezer Assifuah 26 years old Ghanaian footballer
Edimilson Fernandes 24 years old Soccer Player
Elsad Zverotić 33 years old Swiss-Montenegrin footballer
Emanuele Di Zenzo 39 years old footballer
Émile Mpenza 41 years old Belgian footballer
Emiliano Dudar 38 years old Argentine footballer
Enes Fermino 32 years old footballer
Enzo Trossero 66 years old Argentine footballer and manager
Ermir Lenjani 30 years old Albanian footballer
Essam El-Hadary 46 years old Egyptian footballer
Eugène Ekobo 38 years old Cameroonian footballer
Fabrice Borer 47 years old footballer
Fabrizio Zambrella 33 years old Footballer
Fernando Screpis 40 years old Argentine footballer
Florian Berisha 29 years old footballer
Fousseyni Cissé 30 years old Footballer
Francesco Di Jorio 46 years old footballer
Franco Cucinotta 67 years old Italian footballer
Freddy Mveng 27 years old Cameroonian footballer
Frédéric Chassot 50 years old footballer
Frédéric Meyrieu 51 years old Footballer
Frédéric Tatarian 48 years old Footballer
Gabri García 40 years old Spanish footballer
Gabriel Calderón 59 years old Argentine footballer and manager
Gaëtan Karlen 26 years old Footballer
Gaetano Giallanza 45 years old footballer
Gennaro Gattuso 41 years old Footballer and manager
Geoffrey Mujangi Bia 30 years old Footballer
Geoffrey Tréand 33 years old Footballer
George Ogăraru 39 years old Footballer
Georges Bregy 61 years old footballer
Gerardo Seoane 41 years old footballer
Germano Vailati 39 years old footballer
Gilberto Galdino dos Santos 42 years old Brazilian footballer
Giovanni Sio 30 years old French footballer
Goran Obradović (footballer born 1976) 43 years old Serbian footballer
FC Sion (0 years)

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