FC Sion ( / ) new born


There are 244 players playing in FC Sion.

Name Title
Abdelmoumene Djabou 32 years old Algerian footballer
Abdul Carrupt 33 years old footballer
Abiodun Baruwa 45 years old Footballer
Adaílton José dos Santos Filho 36 years old Brazilian footballer and manager
Adel Chedli 43 years old Tunisian footballer
Adrian Kunz 52 years old Swiss football player and manager
Ahmed Ouattara (footballer) 49 years old Ivorian footballer
Ahmed Yahiaoui 32 years old Professional footballer
Aislan 31 years old Brazilian footballer and manager
Alain Gaspoz 49 years old footballer
Alain Geiger 59 years old footballer football manager
Alberto Regazzoni 36 years old footballer
Aleksandar Mitreski 39 years old Footballer
Aleksandar Prijović 29 years old Swiss footballer
Aleksandr Maslov 49 years old Russian footballer Russian footballer and manager
Alexander Frei 40 years old Swiss footballer
Alexandre Quennoz 41 years old footballer
Alexandre Rey 47 years old footballer
Allan Nielsen 48 years old Danish footballer
Álvaro Saborío 37 years old Costa Rican footballer
André Marques 32 years old Portuguese footballer
Andris Vaņins 39 years old footballer
Anthony Bancarel 48 years old Footballer
Anthony Sauthier 28 years old footballer
Antoine Kombouaré 55 years old Footballer
Anton Mitryushkin 23 years old Footballer
António Carlos dos Santos 40 years old Brazilian footballer and manager
Armand Deumi 40 years old Cameroonian footballer
Arnaud Bühler 34 years old footballer
Arthur Boka 36 years old Ivorian footballer
Asim Škaljić 38 years old Bosnia and Herzegovina footballer
Aurelio Vidmar 52 years old Australian soccer player
Ayub Daud 29 years old Soccer Player
Aziz Bouderbala 58 years old Moroccan footballer
Badile Lubamba 43 years old footballer
Bastien Geiger 34 years old footballer
Beg Ferati 34 years old Footballer
Benjamin Kololli 27 years old Footballer
Benoît Cauet 50 years old Footballer
Bigambo Rochat 28 years old Footballer
Billy Ketkeophomphone 29 years old footballer
Blagoje Vidinić 72 years old Football coach and player
Branislav Mićić 29 years old footballer
Burim Kukeli 35 years old Albanian footballer
Carlos Alberto Alves Garcia 37 years old Portuguese footballer
Carlos Manuel 61 years old Portuguese football player/manager/commentator
César M'Boma 40 years old Cameroonian footballer
Charly In-Albon 62 years old footballer
Christ Mbondi 27 years old Footballer
Christophe Bonvin 54 years old footballer
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