FC Chiasso ( / ) 118 years old


There are 113 players playing in FC Chiasso.

Name Title
Abdul Carrupt 33 years old footballer
Adaílton José dos Santos Filho 36 years old Brazilian footballer and manager
Adriano Lombardi 62 years old Italian footballer and manager
Alberto Regazzoni 36 years old footballer
Alessandro Ciarrocchi 31 years old footballer
Alessandro Frigerio 64 years old footballer
Alessio Ferrazza 33 years old Italian footballer
Alfredo Foni 74 years old Association footballer
Allan Michaelsen 68 years old Danish footballer
Almir Gegić 40 years old Serbian footballer
Aloísio dos Santos Gonçalves 31 years old Brazilian footballer and manager
Andre Meier 54 years old footballer
Andrea Dossena 38 years old Italian footballer
Andrea Guatelli 35 years old Italian footballer
Andrea Locatelli (footballer) 30 years old footballer
Asim Škaljić 38 years old Bosnia and Herzegovina footballer
Ayub Daud 29 years old Soccer Player
Benjamin Fischer (footballer) 39 years old footballer
Bruno Fontes da Mota 32 years old footballer
Catilina Aubameyang 36 years old footballer
Daniel Carrara 36 years old Argentine footballer
Daniele Russo 34 years old footballer
David Da Costa 33 years old Swiss footballer
Dimitar Makriev 35 years old Bulgarian footballer
Douglas Rodrigues (footballer) 37 years old Brazilian footballer
Dragan Mihajlović 28 years old footballer
Drissa Diarra 34 years old Malian footballer
Emanuele Di Zenzo 39 years old footballer
Emiliano Dudar 38 years old Argentine footballer
Fabio Ferraresi 40 years old Italian footballer
Feliciano Magro 40 years old footballer
Ferdinando Riva 84 years old Footballer
Florian Berisha 29 years old footballer
Francis Zé 37 years old Cameroonian footballer
Franco Cucinotta 67 years old Italian footballer
Fulvio Sulmoni 33 years old footballer
Gabriele Bernasconi 33 years old footballer
Gaetano Caridi 39 years old Italian footballer
Gastón Magnetti 34 years old Footballer
Gelson Rodrigues 37 years old Brazilian footballer
Germano Vailati 39 years old footballer
Gianluca Savoldi 44 years old Italian footballer
Gianluca Zambrotta 42 years old Italian footballer
Gilson Luís Pinheiro Júnior 34 years old Brazilian footballer
Giuseppe Gentile (soccer) 27 years old American Soccer Player
Giuseppe Rapisarda 34 years old footballer
Grégory Duruz 42 years old footballer
Henry Siqueira-Barras 34 years old Footballer
Herbert Neumann 65 years old German footballer and manager
Igor Djuric (Swiss footballer) 31 years old footballer
FC Chiasso (118 years)

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