Cardiff City F.C. ( / Cardiff City Football Club) 123 years old


There are 569 players playing in Cardiff City F.C..

Name Title
Aaron Morris 29 years old Professional Footballer
Aaron Ramsey 28 years old Footballer
Aaron Wildig 27 years old English footballer
Adam le Fondre 33 years old Footballer
Adam Matthews 27 years old Welsh footballer
Adedeji Oshilaja 26 years old Footballer
Adrian Alston 70 years old Australian soccer player
Alan Curtis (British actor) 89 years old British actor
Alan Durban 78 years old Footballer
Alan Foggon 69 years old English footballer
Alan Harrington 86 years old Welsh footballer
Alan Knill 55 years old Footballer and manager
Alan Mahon 41 years old Irish footballer
Alan Warboys 70 years old Footballer
Alan Wright 48 years old Footballer
Alan Wright (cricket administrator) 75 years old Cricket official
Albert Adomah 32 years old Footballer
Albert Keating 82 years old English footballer
Albert Stitfall 73 years old Welsh footballer
Albert Turner 84 years old English footballer
Albert Valentine
Alex Milne (footballer) 82 years old
Alex Revell 36 years old Footballer
Alf Sherwood 66 years old Welsh footballer
Allan McGregor 37 years old Footballer
Allan Watkins 89 years old Welsh born English Test and County cricketer
Andreas Cornelius 26 years old Footballer
Andrew Taylor 33 years old Film producer
Andrew Taylor (footballer born 1986) 33 years old Footballer
Andy Campbell 40 years old English footballer
Andy Dibble 54 years old Footballer
Andy Jordan 29 years old Reality Star
Andy Keogh 33 years old Professional footballer
Andy Legg 53 years old Professional footballer
Andy Saville 55 years old Professional footballer
Anthony Gerrard 33 years old Footballer
Anthony Pilkington 31 years old Footballer
Aron Gunnarsson 30 years old Footballer
Arran Lee-Barrett 35 years old English footballer
Arthur Cashmore 75 years old English footballer
Arthur Granville 75 years old Welsh footballer
Arthur Welsby 77 years old footballer
Barrie Hole 77 years old Welsh footballer
Ben Nugent 26 years old Professional footballer
Ben Turner Soccer Player
Bernie Lewis 74 years old Welsh footballer
Bert Millard 121 years old Professional footballer
Bill Fielding 90 years old English footballer
Bill Hullett 66 years old English footballer
Billy Baker (boxer) 125 years old British boxer
Cardiff City F.C. (123 years)

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