AC Omonia (Ομόνοια Λευκωσίας / Αθλητικός Σύλλογος Ομόνοια Λευκωσίας) 74 years old


There are 198 players playing in AC Omonia.

Name Title
Ádám Lang 26 years old footballer
Ádám Vezér 45 years old footballer
Alberto Lora 32 years old Spanish footballer
Álex Rubio 26 years old Spanish footballer
Alexandre Afonso da Silva 36 years old Brazilian footballer and manager
Alexis Pittas 40 years old Cypriot footballer
Alípio 27 years old Brazilian footballer
Anastasios Kyriakos 41 years old Footballer
Andraž Kirm 35 years old Slovenian footballer
Andre Alves 36 years old Brazilian footballer and manager
André Schembri 33 years old Footballer
Andreas Avraam 32 years old Footballer
Andreas Constantinou 39 years old Cypriot footballer
Anthony Scaramozzino 34 years old Footballer
Anton Žlogar 41 years old Slovenian footballer
Antonis Katsis 30 years old Cypriot footballer
Antonis Makris 38 years old Cypriot footballer
Aristidis Soiledis 28 years old footballer
Bernardo Vasconcelos 40 years old Portuguese footballer
Borja Ekiza 31 years old Spanish footballer
Bryan Bergougnoux 36 years old Footballer
Carlos Emanuel Soares Tavares 34 years old Portuguese footballer
Carlos Silveira da Graça 31 years old Cape Verdean footballer
Charis Nicolaou 45 years old Cypriot footballer
Charles Okonkwo 54 years old Footballer
Christoforos Charalambous 27 years old Footballer
Christos Karipidis 36 years old Greek footballer
Christos Patsatzoglou 40 years old Footballer
Cillian Sheridan 30 years old Footballer
Claudiu Niculescu 43 years old Romanian football player and manager
Clayton Ferreira Cruz 44 years old Brazilian footballer
Constantin Frățilă 77 years old footballer
Constantinos Makrides 37 years old Cypriot footballer
Costas Malekkos 48 years old Cypriot footballer
Cristóvão da Silva Ramos 36 years old Portuguese footballer
Damián Frascarelli 34 years old Footballer
Daniel Bălan 40 years old Footballer
Danielson Ferreira Trindade 38 years old Brazilian footballer
David Kobylík 38 years old Czech footballer
Davidson Morais 38 years old Brazilian footballer and manager
Davit Kizilashvili 48 years old footballer
Dedi Ben Dayan 40 years old Israeli footballer
Demetris Christofi 31 years old Cypriot footballer
Demetris Leoni 42 years old Cypriot footballer
Demetris Maris 40 years old footballer
Dimitrios Grammozis 41 years old Greek footballer
Dragan Đukanović 50 years old Footballer
Dragoslav Jevrić 45 years old Footballer
Dušan Tittel 52 years old footballer
Dušan Đokić 39 years old Serbian footballer
AC Omonia (74 years)

  • Inception: Friday, June 04, 1948