Wounded Love (Vatanım Sensin) 4 years old

Wounded Love

Azize finds herself with her 3 children and mother-in-law in a difficult fight. She raises her children while fighting the difficulties of the war period and her husband's absence whom she loves more than anything. It's about war, love, greed, treason and sacrifice.


Selma Ergeç
Selma Ergeç

Halide Edip

Miray Daner
Miray Daner


Halit Ergenç
Halit Ergenç


Demet Evgar
Demet Evgar

Kara Fatma

Onur Saylak
Onur Saylak

Tevfik / Yanik Efe


Name Character
Demet Evgar She was 36 , now 41 years old as Kara Fatma
Halit Ergenç He was 46 , now 51 years old as Cevdet
Selma Ergeç She was 38 , now 42 years old as Halide Edip
Serhat Tutumluer He was 44 , now 49 years old as Costas Theodorakis
Mehmet Polat He was 38 , now 43 years old as Sofu Efe
Okan Yalabık He was 37 , now 42 years old as Charles Hamilton
Miray Daner She was 17 , now 22 years old as Hilal
Hüseyin Avni Danyal He was 54 , now 59 years old as Rıza Bey
Ahmet Saraçoğlu He was 41 , now 46 years old as Ismet Bey / Ismet Inönü
Onur Saylak He was 39 , now 44 years old as Tevfik / Yanik Efe
Pınar Deniz She was 22 , now 27 years old as Yıldız
Bergüzar Korel She was 34 , now 39 years old as Azize
Saadet Isil Aksoy She was 33 , now 38 years old as Lucy Adams
Merve Dizdar He was 30 , now 35 years old as Efsun
Baki Davrak He was 45 , now 50 years old as Vasili
Teoman Kumbaracıbaşı was 45 , now 50 years old as Ali Fuat Cebesoy
Alina Boz She was 18 , now 23 years old as Princess Anastasia Romanova
Şükran Ovalı She was 31 , now 36 years old as Seher
Ufuk Bayraktar as Dağıstanlı Celal


Name Job title
Durul Taylan Directing He was 47 , now 52 years old Director
Durul Taylan Production He was 47 , now 52 years old Producer
Yagmur Taylan Directing Director
Wounded Love poster
Wounded Love (4 years)

Returning Series

  • First Air Date: 2016-11-01
  • Runtime: [120] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 59