Trakehnerblut 4 years old


Alexandra Winkler lives in a working-class district of Vienna, is employed in a bread factory and is saving for her dream: her own bakery! When the 23-year-old orphan learns that she is the illegitimate daughter of a deceased landlord and that he inherits the Hochstetten Trakehner Stud from him, it all seems like a dream - from which she will soon wake up roughly. Your half-siblings Maximilian, Silvia and Leander can hardly believe that they were passed over when it came to the filet of the family inheritance ...


Christoph Luser
Christoph Luser

Maximilian Hochstetten

Michou Friesz
Michou Friesz

Marie Hochstetten

Laurence Rupp
Laurence Rupp

Leander Hochstetten

Patricia Aulitzky
Patricia Aulitzky

Silvia Hochstetten

Jeanette Hain
Jeanette Hain

Margarethe Loss


Name Character
Walter Sachers He was 63 , now 68 years old as Heinz
Christoph Luser He was 37 , now 42 years old as Maximilian Hochstetten
Michou Friesz She was 55 , now 60 years old as Marie Hochstetten
Laurence Rupp He was 30 , now 34 years old as Leander Hochstetten
Patricia Aulitzky She was 38 , now 42 years old as Silvia Hochstetten
Jeanette Hain She was 48 , now 53 years old as Margarethe Loss
Brigitte Kren She was 63 , now 68 years old as Anna Kammerhofer
Stipe Erceg He was 43 , now 47 years old as Lazlo Turin


Name Job title
Wolfram de Marco Sound He was 51 , now 56 years old Music
Lea Schmidbauer Writing She was 45 , now 50 years old Book
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Trakehnerblut (4 years)


  • First Air Date: 2017-11-02
  • Runtime: [47] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 8