Three Brothers (수상한 삼형제) 12 years old

Three Brothers is a 2009 South Korean television series starring Ahn Nae-sang, Oh Dae-gyu, Lee Joon-hyuk, Park In-hwan, Do Ji-won, Kim Hee-jung and Oh Ji-eun. It aired on KBS2 from October 17, 2009 to June 13, 2010 on Saturdays and Sundays at 19:55 for 70 episodes. One of the highest-rated Korean dramas in the year it aired, it topped the TV viewership ratings chart throughout its run, reaching 40%. Because of its high ratings, the originally scheduled 50 episodes was extended by 20 more. The family drama revolves around a retired police officer and his three very different sons -- one is bankrupt, one is a successful businessman, and one is a police officer who marries an ex-convict's daughter.


Ahn Nae-sang
Ahn Nae-sang

Kim Geon-kang

Do Ji-won
Do Ji-won

Uhm Chung-nan

Lee Bo-hee
Lee Bo-hee

Gye Sol-yi

Kim Hee-jung
Kim Hee-jung

Do Woo-mi


Name Character
Ahn Nae-sang He was 44 , now 56 years old as Kim Geon-kang
Lee Bo-hee She was 50 , now 62 years old as Gye Sol-yi
Kim Hee-jung She was 17 , now 29 years old as Do Woo-mi
Do Ji-won She was 41 , now 53 years old as Uhm Chung-nan


Name Job title
Three Brothers (12 years)


  • First Air Date: 2009-10-17
  • Runtime: [] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 70