The Rebels 9 years old

Julie is in over her head when her husband suddenly dies leaving her as sole owner of a pro-football team.


Alan Ritchson
Alan Ritchson

Tyler Stokley

Billy Dee Williams
Billy Dee Williams

Coach Paysinger

Natalie Zea
Natalie Zea

Julie Levine

Josh Peck
Josh Peck

Danny Norwood

Affion Crockett
Affion Crockett

Lamont Slice

Hayes MacArthur
Hayes MacArthur

Rick Massella


Name Character
Alan Ritchson He was 29 , now 38 years old as Tyler Stokley
Billy Dee Williams He was 76 , now 86 years old as Coach Paysinger
Natalie Zea She was 38 , now 48 years old as Julie Levine
Josh Peck He was 27 , now 36 years old as Danny Norwood
Affion Crockett He was 40 , now 49 years old as Lamont Slice
Hayes MacArthur He was 36 , now 46 years old as Rick Massella
Amin Joseph He was 33 , now 43 years old


Name Job title
Michael Nelson Production Producer
Jeremy Garelick Production He was 38 , now 47 years old Executive Producer
Jeremy Garelick Writing He was 38 , now 47 years old Writer
Ross M. Dinerstein Production Executive Producer
Matt Alvarez Production Executive Producer
Jay Chandrasekhar Directing He was 45 , now 55 years old Director
Ice Cube Production He was 44 , now 54 years old Executive Producer
Michael Strahan Production He was 42 , now 51 years old Executive Producer
Wendy O'Brien Production Casting
Jon Weinbach Production Co-Executive Producer
Jon Weinbach Writing Writer
The Rebels (9 years)


  • First Air Date: 2014-02-06
  • Runtime: [28] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 1