The King of Legend (근초고왕) 10 years old

The King of Legend is a 2010 South Korean historic drama based on King Geunchogo of Baekje. Besides than the historic info obtained from Samguk Sagi and Samguk Yusa, it was also inspired by a novel written by Lee Munyeol, a renowned Korean writer. The drama was aired on KBS 1TV in Korea, and internationally through KBS World.


Han Jin-hee
Han Jin-hee

King Gye

Jung Woong-in
Jung Woong-in

Wi Birang

Kim Ji-soo
Kim Ji-soo

Buyeo Hwa

Ahn Jae-mo
Ahn Jae-mo

Jin Seung

Kam Wu-seong
Kam Wu-seong

Prince Buyeo Gu

Lee Jong-won
Lee Jong-won

King Sayu


Name Character
Lee Se-eun She was 30 , now 41 years old as Wi Hongran
Kim Tae-hoon He was 22 , now 33 years old as Buyeo San
Kam Wu-seong He was 40 , now 51 years old as Prince Buyeo Gu
Jung Woong-in He was 39 , now 50 years old as Wi Birang
Lee Jong-won He was 41 , now 52 years old as King Sayu
Kim Eung-soo He was 49 , now 60 years old as Jobul
Han Jin-hee He was 61 , now 72 years old as King Gye
Ahn Jae-mo He was 31 , now 42 years old as Jin Seung
Lee Jong-soo He was 34 , now 44 years old as Buyeo Chan
Kim Ji-soo She was 38 , now 48 years old as Buyeo Hwa


Name Job title
The King of Legend poster
The King of Legend (10 years)


  • First Air Date: 2010-11-06
  • Runtime: [70] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 60