The Crow Road 25 years old

The Crow Road

History student Prentice returns home to attend his grandmother’s funeral. As the McHoan family gathers together to mark the solemn occasion, old disagreements continue to fester and old acquaintances are renewed. Following the unexpected death of another close relative, Prentice begins to question the past: why did his Uncle Rory suddenly disappear and where did he go? Reading his Uncle Rory’s unpublished novel may provide the answers he is seeking but it also unearths some dark family secrets he didn’t bargain for.


Stephen McCole
Stephen McCole

Dean Watt

Simone Bendix
Simone Bendix


Sean Biggerstaff
Sean Biggerstaff

Young Darren

Dougray Scott
Dougray Scott

Lewis McHoan

Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi

Rory McHoan

Bill Paterson
Bill Paterson

Kenneth McHoan


Name Character
Stephen McCole He was 3 , now 22 years old as Dean Watt
Simone Bendix She was 29 , now 54 years old as Verity
Sean Biggerstaff He was 13 , now 39 years old as Young Darren
Dougray Scott He was 30 , now 56 years old as Lewis McHoan
Peter Capaldi He was 38 , now 64 years old as Rory McHoan
Bill Paterson He was 51 , now 77 years old as Kenneth McHoan
Stella Gonet She was 33 , now 59 years old as Fiona Urvill
Gudrun Ure She was 67 , now 93 years old as Margot McHoan
Alex Norton He was 46 , now 72 years old as Lachlan Watt
Iain McColl He was 42 , 59 years old when he died as Undertaker
David Robb He was 49 , now 74 years old as Fergus Urvill
Ian Bustard as Droid
Paul Young He was 40 , now 66 years old as Hamish McHoan
Mark McConnochie as Young Prentice (aged 14)
Valerie Edmond She was 27 , now 53 years old as Ashley Watt
Joseph McFadden He was 21 , now 46 years old
Irene Sunters She was 68 , 77 years old when she died as Mrs. McSpadden
Sarah Gudgeon as Dianna Urvill


Name Job title
Gavin Millar Directing He was 58 , now 84 years old Director
The Crow Road poster
The Crow Road (25 years)


  • First Air Date: 1996-11-04
  • Runtime: [60,58] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 4