Sirens 29 years old

Sirens focused on the work and lives of three rookie female Pittsburgh Police officers. Officer Sarah Berkezchuk is dealing with her failing marriage, Officer Lynn Stanton is a single mom, and second-generation cop Officer Molly Whelan has a bad attitude which starts to interfere with her job. Each rookie officer worked under a veteran cop, and each grows and becomes more focused as a result.


Wil Wheaton
Wil Wheaton

Wayne McGarrick

Christopher Judge
Christopher Judge

Richard Stiles

John Terlesky
John Terlesky

Dan Kelly

J.H. Wyman
J.H. Wyman

Lyle Soinger

Jayne Heitmeyer
Jayne Heitmeyer

Jessie Jaworski


Name Character
Wil Wheaton He was 20 , now 50 years old as Wayne McGarrick
Christopher Judge He was 28 , now 57 years old as Richard Stiles
Bobby Hosea He was 37 , now 66 years old
John Terlesky He was 31 , now 61 years old as Dan Kelly
J.H. Wyman He was 26 , now 55 years old as Lyle Soinger
Jayne Heitmeyer She was 32 , now 61 years old as Jessie Jaworski
Deirdre O'Connell She was 41 , 49 years old when she died as Heidi Schiller
Ellen David She was 40 , now 69 years old as Amy Shapiro
Bob Hiltermann He was 40 , now 70 years old as Jacob
Martha Hackett She was 32 , now 61 years old
Tim Thomerson He was 46 , now 76 years old as James "Buddy" Zunder
Anne-Marie Johnson She was 32 , now 62 years old as Christine
Jayne Brook She was 32 , now 62 years old as Sarah Berkezchuk
A.J. Johnson She was 29 , now 59 years old as Lynn Stanton
Claude Genest He was 43 , now 72 years old as Dan Kelly


Name Job title
Allan Arkush Directing He was 44 , now 74 years old Director
Robert Butler Directing He was 65 , now 94 years old Director
Jim Kaufman Directing was 11 , now 41 years old Director
Minor Mustain Directing Director
Robin Spry Production He was 53 , 65 years old when he died Producer
Sirens poster
Sirens (29 years)


  • First Air Date: 1993-03-10
  • Runtime: [60] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 35