Shooting Stars (Les étoiles filantes) 14 years old

Shooting Stars

"Les étoiles filantes" is the story of two friends in their late thirties whose lives have taken very different paths. Twenty years after their band broke up and all dreams of that elusive recording contract had faded away, the two men meet up once again. They now live in very different worlds, worlds that are destined to clash from the moment that the incorrigible, free-spirited Daniel turns up on Jacques the math teacher’s doorstep. Daniel calmly tells his old friend that he has only six months left to live. The nomad parks his trailer in Jacques’ yard and proceeds to carve himself a place in the household’s well organized routine. However, he mischievously makes the most of every opportunity to shake up the family’s tidy world. This series tells a tale of friendship – albeit a frequently strained one – where values of stability and freedom humorously polarize and keep us smiling throughout.


Andrée Lachapelle
Andrée Lachapelle

Mme Lapointe

Normand Daneau
Normand Daneau

Daniel Rajotte

Michel Dumont
Michel Dumont

Docteur Larouche

Luc Senay
Luc Senay

Richard Vincent

Carmen Ferlan
Carmen Ferlan

Madame Granada

Magalie Lépine-Blondeau
Magalie Lépine-Blondeau

Annie Brière


Name Character
Andrée Lachapelle She was 75 , 88 years old when she died as Mme Lapointe
Caroline Lavoie as Policière
Michel Dumont He was 65 , now 80 years old as Docteur Larouche
Jean-François Boudreau He was 54 , now 68 years old as Client au restaurant
Simon Pigeon He was 14 , now 29 years old as Thomas Préfontaine-Beauséjour
Magalie Lépine-Blondeau She was 24 , now 39 years old as Annie Brière
Normand Daneau He was 54 , now 68 years old as Daniel Rajotte
Jacques L'Heureux He was 53 , now 68 years old as Pierre Paul
Carmen Sylvestre as Serveuse à la taverne
Stéphane Crête He was 39 , now 54 years old as Jacques Préfontaine
Harry Standjofski He was 47 , now 62 years old as Sergent Bellucci
Julianne Côté She was 16 , now 31 years old as Soleil Dubeau
Claude Préfontaine He was 73 , 79 years old when he died as André Préfontaine
Luc Senay He was 48 , now 62 years old as Richard Vincent
Steve Banner as Médecin
Martin Thibaudeau as Flirt de Sonia
Carmen Ferlan as Madame Granada
France Castel She was 63 , now 78 years old as Mme Tanguay
Marjolaine Lemieux as Docteur Dubé


Name Job title
Ricardo Trogi Directing He was 36 , now 51 years old Director
Shooting Stars poster
Shooting Stars (14 years)


  • First Air Date: 2007-01-11
  • Runtime: [23] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 26