Shake It Up 12 years old

Shake It Up

Best pals CeCe and Rocky dream of dancing stardom. And they seem on the verge of realizing that goal when they win places as backup dancers on the local TV show "Shake It Up, Chicago." While they get to show off their moves, they find out they need to keep putting their best feet forward to keep up with the rest of the crew on the show.


Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne

CeCe Jones

Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne

Edie Wilde

Olivia Holt
Olivia Holt

Young Georgia


Rocky Blue

Noah Centineo
Noah Centineo


Cameron Boyce
Cameron Boyce

Lil Highlighter Dancer


Name Character
Bella Thorne She was 13 , now 25 years old as CeCe Jones
Bella Thorne She was 13 , now 25 years old as Edie Wilde
Olivia Holt She was 13 , now 25 years old as Young Georgia
Zendaya She was 14 , now 26 years old as Rocky Blue
Noah Centineo He was 14 , now 27 years old as Monroe
Cameron Boyce He was 11 , 20 years old when he died as Lil Highlighter Dancer
Anita Barone She was 46 , now 58 years old
Carly Rae Jepsen She was 24 , now 37 years old as Self
Wyatt Oleff He was 7 , now 19 years old as Byron / Kid
Jack Plotnick He was 42 , now 54 years old
Kenton Duty He was 15 , now 28 years old as Gunther Hessenheffer
Renée Taylor She was 77 , now 90 years old
Tyra Banks She was 36 , now 49 years old as Mrs. Burke
Shannon Edwards
Adam Irigoyen He was 13 , now 25 years old as Deuce Martinez
Davis Cleveland He was 8 , now 21 years old as Flynn Jones
Chris Trousdale He was 25 , now 37 years old as Justin Starr
Ainsley Bailey She was 18 , now 31 years old as Dina Garcia
E. E. Bell He was 54 , now 67 years old as Mr. Block


Name Job title
Tomoki Kyoda Directing He was 40 , now 53 years old Director
Joel Zwick Directing He was 68 , now 81 years old Director
Chris Thompson Production He was 29 , 34 years old when he died Producer
Kimberly McCullough Directing She was 32 , now 45 years old Director
Sean McNamara Directing He was 48 , now 61 years old Director
Shelley Jensen Directing He was 60 , now 73 years old Director
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Shake It Up (12 years)


  • First Air Date: 2010-11-07
  • Runtime: [23,30] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 77