Private Eyes 7 years old

Private Eyes

Ex-pro hockey player Matt Shade irrevocably changes his life when he teams up with fierce P.I. Angie Everett to form an unlikely investigative powerhouse.


Jonathan Potts
Jonathan Potts


Cindy Sampson
Cindy Sampson

Angie Everett

Jayne Eastwood
Jayne Eastwood

Animal Rescue Woman

William Shatner
William Shatner

Norm Glinski

Genelle Williams
Genelle Williams

Mary Sinclair

Tony Nappo
Tony Nappo



Name Character
Jonathan Potts He was 51 , now 59 years old as Wallace
Cindy Sampson She was 37 , now 45 years old as Angie Everett
Jayne Eastwood She was 69 , now 76 years old as Animal Rescue Woman
William Shatner He was 85 , now 92 years old as Norm Glinski
Genelle Williams She was 32 , now 39 years old as Mary Sinclair
Tony Nappo He was 66 , now 73 years old as Rory
Jason Priestley He was 46 , now 54 years old as Matt Shade
Laura Vandervoort She was 31 , now 39 years old as Dana Edson
Stephanie Belding She was 44 , now 52 years old as Amy Pantalone
Peter MacNeill He was 16 , now 23 years old as Murray Clavin
María Herrera She was 19 , now 27 years old as Commander Rosemary
Adam Copeland He was 42 , now 49 years old as Ben Fisk
Jefferson Brown He was 40 , now 47 years old as Bryan Pratt
Martin Roach He was 53 , now 61 years old as Julian Barrington
Rachael Crawford She was 47 , now 54 years old as Emila Mantella
Ennis Esmer He was 37 , now 44 years old as Kurtis Mazhari
Laara Sadiq as Krishna the Magnificent
Nicole de Boer She was 45 , now 52 years old as Becca D'Orsay
Jim Annan as Mark Bates
Diana Leblanc She was 73 , now 80 years old as Martha Caspary
Gordon Pinsent He was 85 , now 93 years old as Nevin Ainslie
Mimi Kuzyk She was 64 , now 71 years old as Nora Everett
Sheila McCarthy She was 60 , now 67 years old as Shirl Glinski
James Cade as Zach Beach
Jonathan Watton as Adam Renfro
Mayko Nguyen She was 36 , now 43 years old as Vanessa
Barbara Gordon as Betty Love
Brittany Bristow She was 26 , now 33 years old as Sherry Gibbs
Barry Flatman He was 66 , now 73 years old as Don Shade
Jonas Chernick He was 42 , now 50 years old as Chris Henley
Aaron Poole He was 39 , now 46 years old as Jackson Van Horn
Justin Mader as Ed
Colin Mochrie He was 58 , now 65 years old as Ralph Duncan
Aislinn Paul She was 22 , now 29 years old as Brie Houser
Nancy Palk as Sergeant Lydia Sullivan
Amos Crawley He was 35 , now 42 years old as Cliff Buckman
Mark Wiebe He was 58 , now 66 years old as Simon Tyrell
Naomi Gaskin as Dr. Palmer
Tom Barnett as Mark Green
Richard FitzPatrick He was 268 , 65 years old when he died as Reginald Donne
Arlene Duncan as Peggy
Alex Poch-Goldin as Kevin Avery
Andrew Zachar as Male Bartender
Noam Jenkins He was 32 , now 39 years old as Martin Belanger
Linda Kash She was 55 , now 62 years old as Inspector Carlson
Stewart Arnott as Simon Murphy
Benz Antoine He was 43 , now 51 years old as Maverick Mims
Al Sapienza He was 53 , now 61 years old as Max Zangrilli
Rishma Malik Scott as Mrs. Joshi
Reagan Pasternak She was 39 , now 46 years old as Wendy Meisner


Name Job title
Rob Lieberman Directing He was 68 , now 76 years old Director
Kelly Makin Directing Director
Anne Wheeler Directing She was 69 , now 77 years old Director
Jason Priestley Directing He was 46 , now 54 years old Director
Shelley Eriksen Writing Writer
Alexandra Zarowny Writing Writer
Eleanore Lindo Directing She was 57 , now 64 years old Director
Shawn Piller Directing He was 16 , now 23 years old Director
Lee Rose Directing She was 66 , now 73 years old Director
Gail Harvey Directing She was 63 , now 70 years old Director
James Genn Directing He was 44 , now 51 years old Director
Sudz Sutherland Directing He was 115 , now 122 years old Director
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Private Eyes (7 years)


  • First Air Date: 2016-05-26
  • Runtime: [43] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 60