Piece of Cake 33 years old

Piece of Cake

The life of a Royal Air Force fighter squadron from the day of the British entry into World War II through to one of the toughest days in the Battle of Britain.


Sam Miller
Sam Miller

'Dumbo' Dutton

George Anton
George Anton

'Pip' Patterson

Neil Dudgeon
Neil Dudgeon

'Moggy' Cattermole

David Horovitch
David Horovitch

'Uncle' Kellaway

Jeremy Northam
Jeremy Northam

'Fitz' Fitzgerald

Richard Hope
Richard Hope

'Skull' Skelton


Name Character
Sam Miller He was 26 , 56 years old when he died as 'Dumbo' Dutton
George Anton He was 438 , now 472 years old as 'Pip' Patterson
Neil Dudgeon He was 27 , now 61 years old as 'Moggy' Cattermole
David Horovitch He was 43 , now 76 years old as 'Uncle' Kellaway
Richard Hope He was 10 , now 44 years old as 'Skull' Skelton
Jeremy Northam He was 26 , now 60 years old as 'Fitz' Fitzgerald
Helena Michell She was 25 , now 59 years old as Mary
Tim Woodward He was 35 , now 69 years old as Squadron Leader Rex
Nathaniel Parker He was 26 , now 60 years old as 'Flash' Gordon
Christopher Godwin He was 45 , now 78 years old as Doctor
Simon Adams as 'Bing' MacFarlane
Richard Durden He was 45 , now 78 years old as Medical Officer
Stephen MacKenna He was 116 , 62 years old when he died as 'Micky' Marriott
Tom Burlinson He was 32 , now 66 years old as 'Fanny' Barton
Timothy Lyn as 'Boy' Lloyd
Mark Womack He was 27 , now 61 years old as 'Moke' Miller
Boyd Gaines He was 35 , now 69 years old as Christopher Hart III
Michael Elwyn He was 46 , now 79 years old as Air Commodore Bletchley
Jason Calder He was 18 , now 51 years old as Pilot Officer Trevelyan
Ned Vukovic as 'Haddy' Haducek
Tom Radcliffe as 'Dicky' Starr


Name Job title
Ian Toynton Directing He was 42 , now 76 years old Director
Peter Jessop Camera He was 24 , now 58 years old Director of Photography
Leon Griffiths Writing He was 60 , 64 years old when he died Writer
Derek Robinson Writing He was 56 , now 90 years old Writer
Andrew Holmes Production Producer
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Piece of Cake (33 years)


  • First Air Date: 1988-10-02
  • Runtime: [50] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 6