Our Family Honor 36 years old

Launched as a two-hour TV-movie, Our Family Honor is about two New York City families who had known each other since their childhoods and who were involved in competing "family businesses" – the McKay family mostly worked for the New York City Police Department, where Patrick was Commissioner, while the Danzigs were deeply involved in organized crime, with patriarch Vincent filling the role of "godfather". Barbara Stuart played Vincent's wife, Marianne Danzig. Detective Sergeant Frank McKay was Patrick's often hot-headed son, while Vincent's cruel but inept son, Augie, was nonetheless his heir apparent. Liz McKay, Patrick's niece, was a newly-graduated officer now partnered with Officer Ed Santini. She was romantically involved with Vincent's other son, Jerry, who wanted out of his father's business and used the name "Jerry Cole" in order to minimize any connection with his father's family. Another story line involved Vincent's murder of his wife's lover, carried out by Augie; when Frank came to arrest Augie for this crime, Augie died in the ensuing fight. The effect of Augie's death was not revealed.



Name Character
Ray Liotta He was 30 , now 67 years old
Michael Madsen He was 27 , now 64 years old
Eli Wallach He was 69 , 98 years old when he died
Georgann Johnson She was 59 , 91 years old when she died
Dick Anthony Williams He was 51 , 77 years old when he died
Sheree J. Wilson She was 26 , now 63 years old
Barbara Stuart She was 55 , 81 years old when she died
Michael Woods He was 1 , 31 years old when he died
Daphne Ashbrook She was 22 , now 59 years old
Kenneth McMillan He was 53 , 56 years old when he died
Tom Mason He was 65 , 60 years old when he died


Name Job title
Charles Correll Directing He was 41 , 28 years old when he died Director
Martin Davidson Directing He was 45 , now 82 years old Director
Guy Magar Directing He was 37 , now 74 years old Director
Robert Butler Directing He was 57 , now 94 years old Director
John Patterson Directing He was 45 , 64 years old when he died Director
Michael Lange Directing He was 35 , now 72 years old Director
Peter Lefcourt Writing He was 44 , now 81 years old Writer
Our Family Honor (36 years)


  • First Air Date: 1985-09-11
  • Runtime: [60] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 13