O Sétimo Guardião 4 years old

O Sétimo Guardião

At first glance, Serro Azul may seem like just another typical inland town, quiet and surrounded by mountains, where technological advances such as internet and cell phones have not yet arrived. A place where anyone who passes does not pay much attention, not knowing what is missing, after all, a city that is near Greenville and Tubiacanga could not fail to have its peculiarities. The main one is a source with curative and rejuvenating properties, which is the outermost part of a gigantic aquifer, a huge reservoir of what is becoming the most precious possession of the Earth: water. This source is protected by seven guardians whose mission is to ensure that this wealth does not reach the wrong hands.


Isabela Garcia
Isabela Garcia

Judith Alvares

Tony Ramos
Tony Ramos

Olavo de Aragão Duarte

Milhem Cortaz
Milhem Cortaz


Flávia Alessandra
Flávia Alessandra

Rita de Cássia

Caio Blat
Caio Blat

Geandro Rocha


Name Character
Isabela Garcia She was 51 , now 56 years old as Judith Alvares
Tony Ramos He was 70 , now 75 years old as Olavo de Aragão Duarte
Milhem Cortaz He was 45 , now 50 years old as Machado
Flávia Alessandra She was 44 , now 49 years old as Rita de Cássia
Zezé Polessa She was 65 , now 70 years old as Milu
Caio Blat He was 38 , now 43 years old as Geandro Rocha
Carolina Dieckmann She was 40 , now 45 years old as Afrodite
Antonio Calloni He was 55 , now 60 years old as Egídio
Lília Cabral She was 61 , now 66 years old as Valentina Marsalla
Bruno Gagliasso He was 36 , now 41 years old as Gabriel Marsalla
Letícia Spiller She was 45 , now 50 years old as Marilda
Dan Stulbach He was 49 , now 54 years old as Eurico
Ana Beatriz Nogueira She was 51 , now 55 years old as Ondina
Marcos Caruso He was 64 , now 69 years old as Sóstenes
Caio Manhente He was 18 , now 23 years old as Guilherme
Marcello Novaes He was 56 , now 61 years old as Sampaio


Name Job title
O Sétimo Guardião poster
O Sétimo Guardião (4 years)


  • First Air Date: 2018-11-12
  • Runtime: [50] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 161