Le Clan 7 years old

Le Clan

Yannick Moreau is a reformed criminal who rebuilt his life in Quebec living with a new identity under the witness protection program. Will the past catch up with him?


Pierre-Yves Cardinal
Pierre-Yves Cardinal

Pascal Moreau

Luc Senay
Luc Senay

Gilles Bonin

Karine Lagueux
Karine Lagueux

Brigitte Bonin

Germain Houde
Germain Houde

Réjean Marcil

Benoît Gouin
Benoît Gouin

Thomas Chamberland


Name Character
Pierre-Yves Cardinal He was 37 , now 44 years old as Pascal Moreau
Luc Senay He was 56 , now 64 years old as Gilles Bonin
Karine Lagueux as Brigitte Bonin
Germain Houde He was 62 , now 70 years old as Réjean Marcil
Benoît Gouin He was 54 , now 62 years old as Thomas Chamberland
Louis-Philippe Dandenault He was 42 , now 49 years old as Steve Moreau
Sébastien Ricard He was 43 , now 50 years old as Jean-François Gagnon


Name Job title
Le Clan poster
Le Clan (7 years)


  • First Air Date: 2015-10-31
  • Runtime: [43] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 12