Längtans blåa blomma 24 years old

Betty, who dreams of love, refuses to put up with the rules and conventions of the time.


Eva Röse
Eva Röse

Beata 'Betty' Tollman

Marika Lagercrantz
Marika Lagercrantz

Ulrika Marelius

Bibi Andersson
Bibi Andersson

Mrs. Tidrén

Hanna Alström
Hanna Alström

Carolina Ekencrona


Name Character
Harriet Andersson She was 66 , now 90 years old as Stava
Eva Röse She was 24 , now 49 years old as Beata 'Betty' Tollman
Marika Lagercrantz She was 44 , now 68 years old as Ulrika Marelius
Bibi Andersson She was 62 , 83 years old when she died as Mrs. Tidrén
Jonas Karlsson He was 27 , now 51 years old as Henrik
Hanna Alström She was 17 , now 41 years old as Carolina Ekencrona
Hans Alfredson He was 67 , 86 years old when he died as Uncle Schöndorff
Reuben Sallmander He was 32 , now 56 years old as Claes Ekencrona
Rebecka Liljeberg She was 17 , now 41 years old as Mally Marelius
Kim Anderzon She was 55 , 71 years old when she died as Midwife
Benny Haag He was 37 , now 61 years old as Gustav Tollman
Lo Kauppi She was 28 , now 52 years old as Kajsa
Peter Harryson He was 50 , now 74 years old as Count Spjuut


Name Job title
Louise Brattberg Editing She was 54 , now 79 years old Editor
Längtans blåa blomma (24 years)


  • First Air Date: 1998-10-12
  • Runtime: [220] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 4