KAIST (카이스트) 22 years old


A situation drama on students of Korea Advanced Science and Technology. The story of love, agony and endless research of the top brains in the field of science. It also presents a role model of a free, creative youth and their professors dictating what education should be. K.A.I.S.T stands for Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology.



Name Character
Kim Joo-hyuk He was 26 , 45 years old when he died as Jung Myung-hwan
Jo Hyun-jae He was 18 , now 41 years old
Kang Sung-yeon He was 22 , now 45 years old as Min Kyung-jin
Lee Eun-ju She was 18 , 24 years old when she died as Goo Ji-won
Youn Yuh-jung She was 51 , now 74 years old
Lee Na-young She was 19 , now 42 years old as Lee Hye-sung
Baek Il-seob He was 54 , now 77 years old
Kim Chang-wan He was 44 , now 67 years old
Kim Jae-in She was 15 , now 38 years old
Kim Min-jung She was 12 , now 35 years old


Name Job title
KAIST poster
KAIST (22 years)


  • First Air Date: 1999-01-24
  • Runtime: [60] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 81