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Jack of All Trades

Jack of All Trades is a half-hour long syndicated action-comedy television series which ran for two seasons in 2000. With Cleopatra 2525, it formed the Back2Back Action Hour and both shows were notable for being the first American non-animated action series to be produced in the half-hour format since the 1970s. The show was canceled in the middle of its second season. The program is set at the turn of the 19th century on the fictional French-controlled island of Pulau-Pulau in the East Indies. Jack Stiles is an American secret agent sent there by President Jefferson. While there, he meets his British contact and love interest, English spy Emilia Rothschild. Together, the two work to stop Napoleon and various other threats to the United States. To the public, Jack is seen as Emilia's attaché, but when the need arises, he transforms into a masked hero: The Daring Dragoon. The show contained many on-going gags, such as deliberate historical inaccuracies, Jack being responsible for many important historical events but not receiving credit, Emilia inventing a miraculous invention in an obvious deus ex machina, sexual puns and innuendos, and Jack and Emilia's ongoing romantic tension.



Name Character
Bruce Campbell He was 41 , now 64 years old as Daring Dragoon
John Sumner He was 48 , now 70 years old
Alistair Browning He was 45 , 65 years old when he died
Stephen Papps
Angela Marie Dotchin She was 25 , now 48 years old as Mrs. Emilia Smythe Rothschild
Paul Norell He was 47 , now 70 years old
Stuart Devenie
Verne Troyer He was 31 , 49 years old when he died
Mark Hadlow He was 43 , now 65 years old
Michael Hurst He was 42 , now 65 years old
John Leigh He was 35 , now 57 years old


Name Job title
Alex Kurtzman Production He was 26 , now 49 years old Producer
Roberto Orci Production He was 26 , now 49 years old Producer
Bruce Campbell Production He was 41 , now 64 years old Producer
Robert Tapert Production He was 44 , now 67 years old Producer
Josh Becker Directing He was 41 , now 64 years old Director
Melissa Blake Writing Teleplay
Melissa Blake Writing Writer
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Jack of All Trades (22 years)


  • First Air Date: 2000-01-22
  • Runtime: [22,30] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 22