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Iron Chef America

Iron Chef America: The Series is an American cooking show based on Fuji Television's Iron Chef, and is the second American adaptation of the series, following the failed Iron Chef USA. The show is produced by Food Network, which also carried a dubbed version of the original Iron Chef. Like the original Japanese program, the program is a culinary game show. In each episode, a new challenger chef competes against one of the resident "Iron Chefs" in a one-hour cooking competition based on a secret ingredient or ingredients, and sometimes theme. The show is presented as a successor to the original Iron Chef, as opposed to being a remake. The Chairman is portrayed by actor and martial artist Mark Dacascos, who is introduced as the nephew of the original Japanese chairman Takeshi Kaga. The commentary is provided solely by Alton Brown, & Kevin Brauch is the floor reporter. The music is written by composer Craig Marks, who released the soundtrack titled "Iron Chef America & The Next Iron Chef" by the end of 2010. In addition, regular ICA judge and Chopped host Ted Allen provided additional floor commentary for two special battles: Battle First Thanksgiving and Battle White House Produce.



Name Character
Bill Murray He was 54 , now 72 years old
Joel McHale He was 33 , now 51 years old as Himself
Mark Dacascos He was 40 , now 58 years old
Mario Batali He was 44 , now 62 years old
Emeril Lagasse He was 45 , now 63 years old as chef
Paula Deen She was 57 , now 75 years old
Jamie Oliver He was 29 , now 47 years old
Marcus Samuelsson He was 34 , now 52 years old
Rick Bayless He was 51 , now 69 years old
Bobby Flay He was 40 , now 57 years old as Himself - Iron Chef
José Andrés Puerta He was 35 , now 53 years old


Name Job title
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Iron Chef America (17 years)

Returning Series

  • First Air Date: 2005-01-16
  • Runtime: [46,60] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 217