Imperium: Nero (Imperium: Nerone) 19 years old

Imperium: Nero

As a young boy, future emperor Nero witnesses the mad Emperor Caligula kill his father and exile his mother. While in exile in the pontine islands, Agrippina, his mother, sees a vision telling her that her son can become emperor, but she will have to die first. She accepts the proposal. Back in Rome, Nero, now being raised by emperor Claudius after Caligula's death, Agrippina returns. She poisons Claudius' food and Nero becomes emperor. At first, Nero cuts taxes and introduces successful programs and invades Brittania. Soon he meets a beautiful slave named Claudia Acte, and marries her, throwing off his engagement with Claudius' daughter, Claudia Octavia, telling her she can marry someone she will be happy with. Heartbroken, she arrives at an island and kills herself. Nero enjoys being married to Claudia Acte, but soon he gradually goes mad with power and sets fire to Rome.


John Simm
John Simm


Ángela Molina
Ángela Molina


Liz Smith
Liz Smith


Philippe Caroit
Philippe Caroit



Name Character
John Simm He was 33 , now 53 years old as Caligola
Mélanie Thierry She was 22 , now 42 years old as Elena
Ángela Molina She was 48 , now 68 years old as Domizia
Matthias Habich He was 63 , now 83 years old as Seneca
Liz Smith She was 82 , 95 years old when she died as Sacrilega
Philippe Caroit He was 44 , now 64 years old as Apollonio
Laura Morante She was 47 , now 67 years old as Agrippina
Elisa Tovati She was 27 , now 47 years old as Poppea
Vittoria Puccini She was 22 , now 42 years old as Ottavia
Klaus Händl He was 35 , now 54 years old as Pallas
Maurizio Donadoni He was 45 , now 65 years old as Burro
Hans Matheson He was 28 , now 48 years old as Nerone
Rike Schmid She was 24 , now 44 years old as Atte
Mario Opinato He was 39 , now 59 years old as Tigellino
Ruby Kammer as Marzia
James Bentley He was 11 , now 31 years old as Nerone giovane
Simón Andreu He was 63 , now 82 years old as Porrido
Ian Richardson He was 69 , 72 years old when he died as Settimio
Francesco Venditti He was 27 , now 47 years old as Britannico
Sonia Aquino She was 26 , now 46 years old as Messalina
Gabriella Barbuti as Licia
Jochen Horst He was 42 , now 62 years old as Etius
Marco Bonini He was 31 , now 51 years old as Rufus
Emanuela Garuccio She was 30 , now 50 years old as Claudia
Pierre Vaneck He was 72 , 78 years old when he died as Paolo di Tarso
Massimo Dapporto He was 58 , now 78 years old as Claudio


Name Job title
Imperium: Nero poster
Imperium: Nero (19 years)


  • First Air Date: 2004-05-23
  • Runtime: [90] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 2