Flipper 26 years old

Flipper, is an American revival television series of the original 1964 Flipper television series. The first two seasons aired in first-run syndication; seasons 3 and 4 aired on the PAX network. The 1995 version brought back Bud Ricks as a scientist doing marine research in Florida. The dolphin Flipper was one with whom Dr. Ricks was working. This TV show is available for online viewing on hulu in the United States and at Rogers On Demand in Canada. Although the show was set in Bal Harbour, Florida, it was largely filmed in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. However three episodes during the first season, including the pilot, were filmed in Pigeon Key, Florida and at the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Florida.


Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba

Maya Graham

Laura Harring
Laura Harring


Whip Hubley
Whip Hubley

Tom Hampton

Scott Michaelson
Scott Michaelson

Dean Gregson

Colleen Flynn
Colleen Flynn

Dr. Pamela Blondel


Name Character
Jessica Alba She was 14 , now 41 years old as Maya Graham
Brian Van Holt He was 26 , now 53 years old as Jinx
Laura Harring She was 31 , now 58 years old as Garcia
Whip Hubley He was 38 , now 65 years old as Tom Hampton
Scott Michaelson He was 27 , now 53 years old as Dean Gregson
Colleen Flynn She was 33 , now 60 years old as Dr. Pamela Blondel
Brian Wimmer He was 36 , now 62 years old as Dr. Keith Ricks
Gus Mercurio He was 67 , 82 years old when he died as Cap Daulton
Anja Coleby She was 24 , now 50 years old as Holly Myers
Kristian Schmid He was 20 , now 47 years old as Jinx's Sidekick
Wren T. Brown He was 31 , now 58 years old as Quinn Garnett


Name Job title
Donald Crombie Directing He was 53 , now 80 years old Director
Chris Thomson Directing He was 10 , now 37 years old Director
Lee Goldberg Writing He was 33 , now 60 years old Writer
Brendan Maher Directing He was 6 , now 33 years old Director
Terence Winter Writing He was 35 , now 61 years old Writer
Brian Trenchard-Smith Directing He was 49 , now 76 years old Director
Michael Pattinson Directing He was 38 , now 65 years old Director
Flipper poster
Flipper (26 years)


  • First Air Date: 1995-10-02
  • Runtime: [45] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 87