Crownies 11 years old


Delving into the extraordinary world of the Department of Public Prosecutions and its young, eager lawyers, Crownies follows five young solicitors as they face the pressures and endearing madness of modern single life - in a fast paced workplace that highlights the moral dilemmas and big issues facing an apparently civilized society.


Todd Lasance
Todd Lasance

Ben McMahon

Marta Dusseldorp
Marta Dusseldorp

Janet King

Indiana Evans
Indiana Evans

Tatum Novak

Lewis Fitz-Gerald
Lewis Fitz-Gerald

David Sinclair

Jerome Ehlers
Jerome Ehlers

Rhys Kowalski

Jeanette Cronin
Jeanette Cronin

Tracey Samuels


Name Character
Todd Lasance He was 26 , now 37 years old as Ben McMahon
Marta Dusseldorp She was 38 , now 49 years old as Janet King
Indiana Evans She was 20 , now 32 years old as Tatum Novak
Lewis Fitz-Gerald He was 52 , now 63 years old as David Sinclair
Jerome Ehlers He was 52 , 55 years old when he died as Rhys Kowalski
Jeanette Cronin as Tracey Samuels


Name Job title
Greg Haddrick Production He was 50 , now 62 years old Executive Producer
Karl Zwicky Production He was 54 , now 65 years old Producer
David Ogilvy Production He was 100 , 88 years old when he died Executive Producer
Carole Sklan Production Executive Producer
Des Monaghan Production Executive Producer
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Crownies (11 years)


  • First Air Date: 2011-07-14
  • Runtime: [55,54] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 22