William Howard Taft Charter High School

People from William Howard Taft Charter High School


Name Title
Craig Buck Volleyball player
Darrion Weems American football player
Rick Clausen American football player
Bryce Dejean-Jones Basketball Player
Matteo Barzini Filmmaker
DaShon Polk American football player
Rick Auerbach American baseball player
Serayah McNeill TV Actress
Robin Yount American baseball player/coach
Malcolm Smith Actor
Meredith Bishop American actor
Jeff Fisher American football player and coach
Dana Plato American actress
Maureen McCormick Actress singer
Eazy-E Rapper
Kevin Kennedy Writer
Jane Wiedlin Actress
Dale Launer
Larry Yount American baseball player
Steve Hartman American journalist
Mike Borzello American baseball player
DeAndre Daniels American basketball player
Brad Kearns American triathlete
Robin Wright Actress
Jan Smithers American actor
Kelly Paris American baseball player
Roy Foster (baseball) American baseball player
Stephen Maxwell Scottish nationalist politician and intellectual
Lisa Kudrow American actress
Spencer Dinwiddie American basketball player
Epic Mazur American musician
Wilmer Valderrama American actor
Gabe Kapler Major League Baseball player
Larry Drew II American basketball player
Mark Tulin American bass guitarist
Josh Portis American football player
Brad Wilk American musician
Jordan Farmar American basketball player
William Finnegan American journalist
Jeff Stork Volleyball player
Jeshua Anderson American sprinter who specialises in the 400 meters and 400 m hurdles.

William Howard Taft Charter High School (0 years)
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