University of Manitoba

People from University of Manitoba


Name Title
Albert Chan Hong Kong politician
Leonard Peikoff Canadian philosopher
Kevin Saurette
Alan Lowe Canadian politician
Maurice Mierau Writer of non-fiction and poetry
Sam Katz Canadian politician
Robert Sopuck Canadian politician
Bob Town Canadian basketball player
Amin Dhillon Beauty Queen model
Sasha Carter Canadian curler
David Matas
Andrew Swan Current Manitoba NDP; former Manitoba Minister of Competitiveness Training and Trade; currently running for the leadership of the Manitoba NDP
David J. Carter Canadian politician
William Unruh Physicist
Dan McIvor (politician) Canadian politician
Mohamed Ali Al-Shaaban Bahraini Physician and Bahrain Radio and TV Personality
Holly Letkeman Wrestler
William Kurelek Canadian artist
Bob Pringle Canadian politician
Jim Rondeau Canadian politician
Étienne Gaboury Canadian architect
Waldron Fox-Decent Canadian academic
Wes Lysack Canadian football player
John Richardson (archbishop of Fredericton) Canadian archbishop
Walt Patterson Canadian Writer And Environmentalist
Jimmy Ball Athletics (sport) competitor
Nathan Divinsky Canadian mathematician chess master chess writer chess official
Nathan Nurgitz Canadian politician
Len Domino Canadian politician
Lloyd Montgomery Pidgeon Canadian chemist
Cornelius Wiebe Canadian politician
Keith Campbell (ice hockey) Ice hockey player
Ewan Beaton Canadian judoka
Leo Kristjanson
John Thomas Haig Canadian politician
Burton Cummings Canadian musician
W. G. Unruh Canadian physicist
William Ivens Canadian politician
Frank Wesbrook Canadian microbiologist
Jim Peebles American astronomer
Richard Kroft Canadian politician
Gerald MacIntosh Johnston Canadian actor
George Fairfield Canadian politician
Wayne Tefs Canadian writer
William John McKeag Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba
Linda Hay Makeup Artist
Howard Waldemar Winkler Canadian politician
Loreena McKennitt Canadian musician and composer
Coulson Norman Mitchell Recipient of the Victoria Cross
Ben Klassen

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